#Lab18 second deputy leader motion withdrawn and why


The Labour right and the mainstream media are in lockstep this morning with claims that the motion at Labour’s annual conference to create a second deputy leader position has been withdrawn because the leadership fears a ‘moderate’ winning. It’s pure fantasy – the idea that a SIM (self-identified ‘moderate’) would have the slightest chance of winning with the vast majority of Labour’s membership firmly on the left is delusional.

Wirral West, the constituency party (CLP) whose motion was up for debate this morning ‘remitted’ (withdrew) it. A Wirral West delegate told the SKWAWKBOX this was entirely because the CLP’s delegates have become convinced that in the light of recent developments there is a high chance of another snap general election and were worried that a new deputy election would become focused around the Brexit issue and become an electoral hindrance.

Labour’s leadership had backed the motion, but the Wirral West delegate who stood to remit it told Conference:

There have been some disturbing reports that this rule change had widespread support on the NEC because those who want to divide our party, and undermine Jeremy Corbyn, want to use this contest to do so…making the election about Brexit, a new centre party or whatever new project they think up to sow disunity and trash the Labour brand in the media.

I say to those people…the membership, and the voters, are sick of your sectarian games.

A Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) member told the SKWAWKBOX that the issue could come back before Conference as soon as next year:

The NEC could bring it back next year or so could any CLP. No three-year rule applies in this instance.

Of course, if Tom Watson and his supporters want another deputy leader election or a female deputy now, he’s always free to ‘test his mandate’ by resigning and triggering an immediate election any time he wishes.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

As usual, the mainstream media line – and the claims of the defunct Labour right – are a long way from the facts of the matter.

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  1. Tinkering with Deputy Leaders or no, we need to dismantle the entire Blairite NEC structure whereby privileged “stakeholders” within the Party – PLP, (Shadow) Cabinet – get NEC representation even though they already enjoy far greater sway than the ordinary members.

    The failure of the “Democracy Review” to do this is yet another Left failure which should erode the smug talk of “Left successes” at this Conference. The “Democracy Review” seems to have been something of a fake.

    1. …and a proportion of PLP.

      As for the shadow cabinet, looks like Starmer has been swinging a divisive wrecking ball that favours the Tories on TV today!

      Apols for linking to CCHQ but this is the danger of changing tack on Brexit vote including a so called ‘people’s vote’ which would be conducted under the usual spin, lies, contradictions and misinformation.

      My view is you either favour and respect democracy (even UK misinformed, divisive democracy) or you don’t.

  2. Oh I see, threats and smears are working then. Don’t democratise anything, freeze every body, blairites suckers may throw a tantrum. Astonishing!

  3. John Thatcher, presumably the procedure for a deputy leadership contest is the same as that for leader? if so then the recent rule change should also apply to the deputy leader. All that’s needed then is 10% of MPs to nominate someone 5% of CLPs to nominate the same person and there would be an election. The incumbent would of course be on the ballot paper automatically.

    1. “The incumbent would of course be on the ballot paper automatically” if he has the nerve John.

  4. I’d love to see a Democratic Socialist government force the likes of Margaret Hodge and her multi-millionaire business pay proper tax instead of the tax-haven set up she’s enjoying now.

    I can imagine her launching into another foul mouthed rant.

    The Labour Party needs an enema. I’ve had enough of these tax-haven socialists.

    1. “The Labour Party needs an enema.”

      Yes, but where to insert the tube? Progress? Labour first? Labour co-operative? LFI?

      The ‘moderate’ monster has many arseholes.

  5. ” A Wirral West delegate told the SKWAWKBOX this was entirely because the CLP’s delegates have become convinced that in the light of recent developments there is a high chance of another snap general election and were worried that a new deputy election would become focused around the Brexit issue and become an electoral hindrance.”

    If the ‘people’s vote’ gets legs at conference then any snap election will be about Brexit anyway and a snap election will be far less likely imo!

    Good to see some see the danger of gifting the Tories ammunition and distraction from important policy issues!

  6. No matter – Emily Thornberry will – boringly in my view – get the place whenever it surfaces and then there will be no stopping her……….

    1. Agreed – It’ll just be evidence of a lack of regeneration, transition or ideas if Thornberry was to get it.

      And there’s something not quite right with Thornberry, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is…

      1. Well, no matter the issue has been remitted. She made her heavily coded acceptance speech this afternoon, anyway.

      2. Emily uses left rhetoric but perhaps falls for Right Wing narratives at times and though I would give her 6/10 she has bourgeois traits – on some issues she says what she thinks the public want to hear rather than what they need to hear. And when Venezuela may have as bottom up left wing democratic socialist Govt as we would like, it is still trying to do its best for the poor and it’s opponents are likely to be funded by the CIA and right wing forces, so there was no need for Emily to attack it but she felt she had to. Emily has a chance to redeem herself if only she will say and stand for what left wing democratic socialists believe in.

  7. I see that hard right failed NEC candidate Luke Akehurst is not happy. That means that it is probably the right decision.

    As if someone from the hard right would get elected!

  8. I have to admit that the speakers and topics would be more suited to the Libdems . Even one of the delegates admitted she only joined the party a few months ago to get Brexit halted . I do wonder if there was anyone working class there

    1. I’ve been wondering how many recent members were fifth columnists, and what if anything, they’re going to do about it. The demonstration by remained fanatics yesterday (where Lammy spoke) was full of angry middle class Tory/LibDem voters.

  9. See Sir Keir Starmer KCB QC, elbow his way onto front pages of MSM & @ the same time contradict John McDonnell & JC. Delusions of grandeur or the whiff of ambition, catering for the populist.

  10. One area that is in dire need of reform is Labour members of select committees. Take a look at Labour members of the Defence select committee for instance. There is the reason Britain wants to bomb Syria and offer White Helmets a new life to plot against their country. Should people like Smeeth be in such an influential position against the flow of Labour policy?

  11. Yes perhaps we could consider the alternative gender rule – if leader male, deputy female and vice versa. Wish we could get rid of Watson as soon as.

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