Huge emotion as #Lab18 becomes a sea of Palestinian flags during debate

Labour’s main conference hall in Liverpool became a well of emotion and a sea of colour this afternoon as delegates made a huge, visual show of solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.

During a debate on solidarity with Palestinian people, the conference floor suddenly became full of waving Palestinian flags and pro-Palestine placards provided by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC):



Support for Palestine has been noticeably more marked during this year’s conference, perhaps as a reaction to attempts to stifle free speech on the Israel-Palestine situation and the plight of Palestinians. The PSC stand at the conference told the SKWAWKBOX that demand for its themed lanyards had been so great that supplies had run out by early on Monday morning.

A number of Labour’s most vocally pro-Israel MPs were not present at the debate.

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  1. Thornberry did her best to speak for those missing MPs,and Wolfson hasn’t covered herself in glory either.

    1. It is fair to say they haven’t properly reflected the mood of Conference.

    2. Was the world’s greatest human rights fighter, potty mouth Maggie there? Have a good conference comrades.

  2. Oh my goodness!

    This will mean so much to the Palestinians. Just to know that they have not been forgotten and they are not alone.

  3. Straight afterwards. scientists announced they’d discovered the sourest substance on the planet…They’ve called it ‘ellman’

  4. The Guardian rhapsodising about Thornberry bringing in the Spanish Civil War in her “impassioned” plea to root out the supposed “Anti semites on the Left”, together with the usual “We disagree with Netanyahu but”. So the “fascism” to be attacked is on “the fringes” of the Labour Party which uses support for Palestine as a cloak.
    Oh dear. When will these people even mention Naftali Bennett or Avigdor Lieberman, racist, psycopathic and unambigous in their contempt for the native Palestinian population, now in control beside Netanyahu, now predictably shooting protesters en masse with impunity, to mention but one aspect? Why does Thornberry’s speech and its to my mind cynical colonisation of the bravery and selflessness of those who went to fight in Spain, remind me of that equally meretricious comparison made by Hilary Benn? Then it was bombing Syria was equal to going to fight Franco, somehow. Now it is equal to interrogating the motives of pro-Palestinian support beyond token words. And, of course, now we have as then “our new leader” being whispered abroad. I can only hope that her speech is as forgotten soon as Benn’s is, but I doubt it.

    1. Thornbury I believe is a registered supporter of LFI .Come on Emily give it up dump them !

      1. You are whistling in the wind.
        Thornberry is a western/British neoliberal capital and cultural imperialist and Israel is an important military, subversive and geostrategic asset in the modern western capitalist empire.

  5. Thornberry just committed political suicide live on stage. Even McDonnell won’t be able to save her.
    ‘No Pasaran!’ FFS!
    It might be worth pointing out that ‘La Pasionara’ did a legger into France when the Civil War turned nasty, leaving thousands to die and lived until 1989. Franco, on the other hand, upon arrival in Madrid declared ‘Hemos Pasado!’.
    Not the world’s greatest role model Emma! not even a good sound bite if repeated move than once.

  6. Criticising vicious Israeli land-theft & apartheid is NOT antisemitic!!!

  7. Yes we support jjustice for Palestinians and Peace in the region. But thanks to Right Wing US support the Rightt Wing Israeli Govt will not talk peace as Eraket (2018) argued because “it wants to maintain its religious, ethnic and economic supremacy'” and “Hamas is not wanted by the Palestinians and is used as a scarecrow by Israel.” But left wing democratic socialists oppose oppression abroad and here and my union Unite Community has been fighting welfare cuts and Univeral credit and sanctions and we have been trying to counter the Right Wing dominant narrative on working class welfare whilst tupper class welfare offers billions to the rich and corporations in tax reliefs and incentives. We should all support diverse working people in every country! Solidarity!

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