MSM fake news again: Rees-Mogg harasser is no Corbyn ally – he hates JC

jrm bone.png

The ‘MSM’ have launched another ridiculous smear-campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, this time claiming that the ‘Class War‘ member who harassed Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and his children yesterday has close Labour links.

As so often, the fake news began with the right-wing Fawkes site, before being swallowed whole by the mainstream media and regurgitated as if fact.

Fawkes reported the initial harassment with a sideways attempt to link the incident to Corbyn by commenting snidely, “kinder, gentler politics“. But clearly this wasn’t blatant enough, so in a follow-up article it was more direct, claiming perpetrator Ian Bone

has considerable links to Corbyn’s Labour Party.

This was amplified by the Murdoch S*n, which linked Bone to Corbyn by claiming Bone is a ‘pal’ of the Labour leader’s brother.

Undeterred by the prospect of imbibing something vomited up by those two rags, mainstream media are now echoing the idea that Corbyn is somehow tainted by association.

But – again as usual – it’s bollocks. Bone is no ally of Corbyn, on the contrary he hates him – and has made that clear in multiple occasions:

bone f.png

It took all of thirty seconds to check – but that’s clearly more trouble than the ‘MSM’ is willing to go to for any semblance of accuracy in its reporting.

Moves are afoot in Parliament to try to curtail the effectiveness of social media in exposing the main source of fake news and abuse – the mainstream media. It’s not hard to understand why and shows how important the ‘new left media’ are to our democracy.

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  1. Well, I suppose once being labelled ‘Britain’s most dangerous man’ it was only a matter of time before the ANARCHIST – and therefore allied to NO political party, per se – was gonna appear in the s*n, linked to Corbyn.

    Have another guess, murdoch.

  2. Ian Bone is an idiot who has nothing to do with the Labour Party. I have never seen these Class War lot on a picket line or doing anything productive in local communities. If anything they behave like an inverse of the same sort of far right nutters who intimidate people and smash up property.

    I condemn any attempts to hassle or intimidate Rees-Moggs’ children. Anyone doing that is “lower than vermin”.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were funded by MI6 to discredit left wing politics.

    2. Ian Bone is an idiot who has nothing to do with the Labour Party. I have never seen these Class War lot on a picket line or doing anything productive in local communities.

      That’s wholly unfair, and unless you back it up with hard evidence, untrue. Class war have protested about the gentrification (social cleansing) in London when others (Including LP and unions) wouldn’t go near it with a bargepole.

      As far as I know (And I’ve spoken to one ‘affiliate’ who’s done so and shown me photos) class war have had protestors outside several workfare-exploiting businesses all over the country – again, where were the unions and the LP?

  3. anyone frightening children are disgusting. are these people the MSM and right wing labour and tories referring too. when chukka called us dogs. when anyone who likes Jeremy Corbyn is called a thug ,these people are the dogs, thugs inciting violence

  4. I guess Guido Fawkes doesn’t mind having his unprofessional journalistic reputation.

  5. Yes it could be suggested Class War are Bourgeois Anarchists and some argue this is ironically a usually middle class selfish ideology, all about me, me, me, and feeling good about themselves what Maslow called “self actualisation.”
    Mmnn if it was so simple as breaking a few windows in banks (which probably causes more political negative reaction by working classs and middle class/progressive middle class people against) but I am afraid unlike the infantile simplistic Class War you need to do the hard work of trying to win working people to your ideas – a socialism WITH.
    They used to mingle with the left at demos a few years ago and would try to kick off whilst hiding by attaching themselves to the crowd; they ironically as some suggest with their selfish ideology are perhaps really closer to Thatcher’s individualistic ideology.
    And what society is worth achieving if you try to win it by balling at kids (however posh).
    Rees-Mogg in my opinion is a Right Wing Neo-Liberal political imbecile (built up by the media) but we will transform society democratically and peacefully by engaging with people.
    I have no time for the rich because of what they do but you never know it may be a coalition of the working class and progressive middle class in every country that transforms the world!

  6. When the Tories have to co-opt bigger idiots to spread their smears than the idiots already within their own ranks, we know for certain that they are in trouble.

  7. It’s true Mogg’s kids will probably turn out just like him – but there must be at least a chance they’ll break the mould like Tony Benn and make his old age miserable.
    Give them the benefit of the doubt until they’re grown up I say. Just don’t let the dog-food mincer get rusty in the meantime 🙂

  8. For those concerned about rees mogg’s kids’ welfare after that episode, consider this…

    They’ll be going to public schools.

  9. I’ve got a lot of time for anarchism which is nothing like the Establishment has sought to portray it as over the years which is complete chaos. It’s not but the fact that Anarchists are opposed to governments in their various forms and fiat currency scares the hell out of established political parties, including Labour, who would sh*t bricks if ordinary people could see an alternative to the funneling of wealth to a very small minority of avaricious a-holes.

    It’s beyond obvious that Class War and Ian Bone have no link whatsoever with the Labour party and never will have.

    1. Well said.

      Extremely recommended viewing if you have a couple of hours to spare…

  10. When you had demos of 100,000 or so from the left and trade unions on a particular issue all the media would report on was the Barbarians in Class War kicking off! Just see the comment from Ian Bonehead – looking forward to their October
    kicking off, a big chance to show off and self actualise and feel good about themselves – this is the bourgeois anarchists (with their middle class ideology) Christmas. But as Bourgeois socialist Lenin (who took the power for himself) once said such activities have as much of an impact on capitalism as swatting a knat! We need s grassroots, bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic socialism – a socialism WITH as an example to other countries and then we can transform the World!

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