Mann accused of ‘threat to throw election’ if censure motion not withdrawn – and slips up

John Mann

Labour MP John Mann has been accused of threatening to ‘throw an election’ if a motion of censure by a Labour branch in his constituency was not withdrawn. In a series of emails between Mann and the SKWAWKBOX, Mann denied the accusation – but also seemed to inadvertently confirm that he had made a subsequent threat related to the first.

Mann was recently filmed showing clear exasperation during a meeting of the Bassetlaw CLP (constituency Labour party) – that he later claimed on Twitter had given him an ‘unequivocal vote of confidence’ – as a member attacked the ‘underhand’ and ‘undemocratic’ arrangement of the meeting.

mann unequiv
Mann reacting in a meeting he said had supported him unequivocally

Members of Retford Labour branch, which is part of the Bassetlaw constituency of which Mann is the MP, had tabled a motion condemning their MP’s behaviour in voting with the government on a key EU bill that many observers think may have toppled the Tories or at least brought down Theresa May – and asking him to focus on bringing down the Tories in future, “over all other concerns“:


It’s hardly the most vicious censure motion in political history – and was a branch motion rather than one by the full CLP. However, Retford members claim that Mann was so angered by it that he sent a message via his wife – who is a member of the branch’s executive – threatening that if it was not withdrawn, all support in coming local elections would be withheld.

One member told this blog:

We were astounded. This amounts to a threat to throw an election by the local MP if we criticised him.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Mr Mann for comment. He responded with an email vigorously denied the allegation, couched in language of legal action and accompanied by an irrelevant attack on Momentum:

Entirely libellous and actionable.
The usual made up anti Labour falsehoods.
Bassetlaw CLP met yesterday !!

Oh and the true activists were out campaigning for a forthcoming by election in Retford yesterday, but no momentum [sic] turned out as usual. By election caused by one of their mates who resigned the Labour whip but then failed to turn up at council meetings to vote on issues such as cuts, NHS etc.

But the matter then took another twist. Sources contacted the SKWAWKBOX claiming, with some amusement, that Mann had responded to the press enquiry by threatening to sue local members:

Mann has threatened everyone with libel proceedings.

With the sources’ knowledge, the SKWAWKBOX contacted Mr Mann again to ask for comment on this allegation.

He responded claiming that he now knew the source of the information, because:

the secretary and a second were sat with me when you emailed.
Your factually inaccurate, Labour damaging, made up version of events remains a libel.

Mr Mann does not know what he thinks he knows, as the information had circulated more widely than he seems to have thought. However, an observation on his response was emailed back to him:

By claiming the information confirmed a source, you confirmed that you made the threat.

If Mr Mann thought only a limited pool of people knew of his threat to sue, then it suggests that there was a threat for a pool of people to know about.

This last SKWAWKBOX email was sent two days ago. Mr Mann has not responded either to refute the conclusion or to provide an alternative explanation for his comment. Retford’s motion was withdrawn.

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  1. John Mann is an utter thug !
    Should be summarily thrown out of the Labour Party.

  2. Mann isn’t a terrible bright person, his clear issues with anger management do raise very big concerns about the safety of those around him.

  3. Hahahahahaha! The absolute effing state of the blert. You’ve got nothing to sue people over, you helmet. Just like that one on twitter that you threatened to sue when you lied about who was behind about yer missus gettin’ the dead bird in the post…


    Now take yer ball & sod off.

    Go on – Sod off…Get to soddery.

  4. And WHY did he send a message ‘via his wife’?

    One can only wonder…

    He’s the ‘jefe’ (supposedly) not her.

  5. The motion was withdrawn so we can now say that bullying works well in the labour party

  6. I’d probably vote for the replacement of John Mann along with the rest of you but I detect a nasty reactionary pro-EU undercurrent in the censure motion.

    The Blairites have successfully perpetrated the myth that the government would have fallen had they lost the Commons vote but think about it for a minute – it’s total rubbish; turkeys do not vote for Christmas.

    Once that argument falls away, Skinner should have voted with the other anti-EU MPs not vice versa.

    Do not forget that supporting the EU or the single market and customs union means
    * NO nationalisation of the postal sector
    * NO nationalisation of the railways sector
    * NO nationalisation of the gas sector
    * NO nationalisation of the electricity sector
    * NO nationalisation of the telecommunications sector
    * NO nationalisation of any other sector (e.g. banking, construction) since that infringes the right of companies from EU member states to establish themselves on the British market in that sector.
    * NO freedom over State aids to any of these sectors or those sectors remaining in private hands.

    Such a neoliberal economy may be fine for the young careerists on the Right Wing of Momentum, but not for socialists.

      1. Jack T and Danny – you have reminded me about my uncertainties and how uninformed I am on something that I suppose is rather important in the coming weeks. Any pointers/references recommended reading on the above from SB comrades will be gratefully acknowledged and will certainly not be wasted on me.

  7. What a complete BELL END , tick tock tick tock times up mann 23-26th Sept 2018 !

    1. Oh, but he says he’s: ‘going nowhere’…

      Another example of what he thinks he knows…

      1. But he does have the gift of foresight surely – John Mann IS going nowhere.

  8. And he’s got the brass neck to complain…

    “By election caused by one of their mates who resigned the Labour whip but then failed to turn up at council meetings to vote on issues such as cuts, NHS etc.”

    Much unlike your fellow tory-supporting brexiteer mate frankenfield, who resigned the labour whip after refusing to turn up to CLP meetings, and hasn’t even got the bollocks to resign his seat and contest a by election, eh john-boy?

    And as for not turning up to vote on NHS issues, I suppose (s)he’s to personally blame for your grandson’s drama the other day?

    Any abstention – no matter how craven, or whatever the circumstances – is infinitely better than voting to keep the toerags in govt like YOU did.

    Dizzguzzting coward.

  9. Is Mann the new Moses?
    And the North Sea will he part?
    With a special route to Monaco?
    For a tax dodger to dart?
    And Mandy’s after a new public?
    As his dark arts work in vain.
    Being honest means our victory.
    From which working people will gain!
    And Frankie Fields has fecked off!
    From which nothing will come about.
    As the bells chime out in Birkenhead.
    And mass congas break out!
    As they try to gang up upon us.
    Little people with no ideas!
    But stars arise in tempest storm.
    And humanity loses its fears.
    Rise up with us, and love diverse working people!

  10. Mr Mann is a bully, and it shows. No room for bullies in the Labour Party. The sooner Mandatory Re Selection is made policy the better. I can’t wait for him to be gone, a horribly vile and nasty person.

  11. ‘Mr Mann does not know what he thinks he knows’

    No, john – for the last time….That’s your elbow 🙂

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