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Since there appears to be some interest in the standing orders of Labour’s National Executive Committee – especially because several National Executive Committee (NEC) members believe they prevent discussion of the party’s Code of Conduct at next week’s NEC meeting (or even the following one on 18 Sep), the SKWAWKBOX is making the latest version available for download here.

Standing orders begin at page 20.

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  1. Skwawkbox, I recall you reporting that on a previous NEC meeting some NEC members “attended” by telephone (the meeting of which the Willsman recording was released). I see nothing in these standing orders that permits remote “attendance” by telephone (or Skype etc). Do you think telephone attendance is allowed by some other rules?

    I particular SO 13 says “Voting shall be by show of hands …”. So I fail to see how any telephone attendee could validly vote.

  2. Steve

    Can you or anyone else provide a link to the actual standing order issued after the last NEC meeting?

    Would like to see how it is phrased ie we’ve discussed 1-8 and this SO represents our final position on them. 9-11 remain under discussion and will/may be the subject of a further separate SO.

    Sorry if that’s a bit basic, but the devil may be in the detail here, or not.


  3. Geoffrey Robinson QC has written a really good analysis of the adoption and dangers of IHRA which you might want to publicise.

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