1. Yes when Jeremy hammered the Right twice in Leadership contests and Labour stood for something again I joked (quoting Brecht) that the Right needed “To find a new public” (membership) and perhaps this is their end game – expulsions?
    They perhaps also need to try to keep the ‘Labour’ brand name to ensure the continuence of rewarding careers and possible nice consultancies when they retire (?) and then the top down ‘Great Men and Women of History’ (without an original idea in their heads?) believe they just have to try to keep working people passive whilst offering a few crumbs now and then?
    But perhaps working people are sick of this and the progressive genie hopefully is out of the bottle?
    We can still win with organisation and IDEAS and the Right’s vapidity concerning the latter is perhaps their intellectual weakness.
    Movements also usually make history and we are a movement behind JC whilst opportunists can only practice Dark Arts and use procedural tactics because they know no better.
    We shall overcome!

  2. I was under the impression Twitter had every member’s email address?
    Surely that would lead to the user’s IP address and identity – or lack of it – and point to the tweeter’s true affiliation?
    Even if not, technology moves on and those not caught today may be caught tomorrow, hopefully losing some position as a consequence.

  3. Meanwhile just read on the Morning Star site the Right Wing US Barbarians (in support of the Right Wing Barbarian Govt in Israel) have cut aid to the UN’s UNRWA from £260m to £46m which is likely to mean schools for Palestinian kids could be closing in September.
    The Right Wing US Barbarians and those in Israel want Palestinian refugees to fade away and to end their Right to Return.
    As Naura Eraket argued so (The Right Wing Israeli Govt) can “maintain its religious, ethnic and economic supremecy ” (all of course coutesy of the USA).
    A Right to Return for refugees could mean all citizens in the region could work out if they can live together or if they cannot then if they can live as two neighbouring states?
    It could be argued the Right to Return could bring peace.
    As the Barbarians look for bigger fish to produce in defence of the indefensible (spoiler alert it could be Moses next) perhaps:
    “Those the Gods wish to destroy first they make mad” (?)
    Yours in peace.

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