Corbyn ‘link’ to ‘Red Action’ added to Wikipedia same day Times uses to attack

In what many are calling clear evidence of the coordinated nature of the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, an article attacking Jeremy Corbyn for supposed links to a terrorist group linked to the Warrington bombing appeared in the Times on the same day that edits were made to the group’s Wikipedia page to add the alleged links.

Yesterday afternoon, the Times’ David Aaronovitch tweeted about ‘going back over the 1993 Warrington bombing’ – ‘for a completely different [but unspecified] reason’:

da rf.png

It looks a little desperate to be attacking Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for an alleged link to a group that might – or might not – have done something. The Provisional IRA claimed responsibility for the bombing.

But the tweet spurred some observers to look up ‘Red Faction’ and they found that the group’s Wikipedia entry had been edited very recently to include – for the very first time – a mention of the supposed links with Corbyn, using an article published that very day – by the same publication for which Aaronovitch writes – as its source:

times 1908

times jc rf.png

The edit has, as of this moment, disappeared from the page. The inclusion of the link has triggered a series of edits, removing or re-adding the link and other comments, including a mention, also subsequently removed pending discussion, that the police investigation into Corbyn’s alleged links with the group – which are treated as fact by the Times – found no evidence:

jc rf no ev.png

The current version of the page, as of 13.24hrs today, has no mention of the Labour leader.

“They’re making up their own history now”

It didn’t take long before social media users had noticed the ‘coincidence’ and formed their own theories about it:

lisa rf


Attempts have been made to reach Mr Aaronovitch for comment and to ascertain his ‘completely different reason’ for bringing up the Warrington issue.


Whether Corbyn’s critics are ‘making up their own “history” now’ or not, the smears continue to look more desperate the longer they continue without impacting the Labour leader’s standing.

But the people of Warrington and its surrounds can be forgiven if they take offence at any attempt to exploit mights, maybes and ‘no evidence’ around their suffering for political purposes.

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  1. I fear it’s only going to get worse in the build-up to conference when there is likely to a staged event for the media involving the usual suspects making a theatrical entrance, flanked by security guards.

  2. Attack attack .Odd no one has picked up on the entry by troops by the peoples vote which is mostly Libdem dominated . So far around 120 CLP’s have fallen for the scam which aims to reject the labour manifesto and the leaders position on Brexit and humiliate him at the conference.
    Further news about the second brexit vote has been revealed today and its donors are starting to show their hand .The organsiors are Co-chairs are Chuka Umunna MP (Labour) and Anna Soubry MP (Conservative), the remaining members: Jo Swinson MP (Liberal Democrats), Jonathan Edwards (Plaid Cymru), Stephen Gethins MP (Scottish National Party), Baroness Altmann (Conservative), Lord Adonis (Labour), Lord Kerr of Kinlochard (Crossbench), Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted (Liberal Democrats) and Lord Wigley (Plaid Cymru).[2][4]” All theses people are very much anti Corbyn and are using the campaign to undermine JC. .People are starting to wise up to the fact they are being used for political purposes. Labour for people’s vote is faux its a scam . They have put forward the following proposals Labour will:

    1. Oppose any Brexit deal that does not satisfy Labour’s 6 tests.

    2. Call for an immediate general election, making a manifesto commitment to call a public vote on the deal with an option to remain in the EU.

    3. If we cannot get an election, campaign for a public vote and call for an election following a government defeat in that vote.

    4. Form a radical government – taxing the rich to fund better public services, expanding common ownership, abolishing anti-union laws and engaging in massive public investment..
    The amendments are deceitful and designed to fool the labour member into thinking they will have power over something they want to achieve which is a general election. To be clear the only item on the table here is a second vote.which will undermine JC and the brexit team which is the whole purpose of this scam. So many secretaries will have the details and some have decided to not inform the members of what is going on,instead they will introduce each amendment separately ,not as an amendment but as a general discussion topic for debate and unknowingly the branches will be supporting the peoples vote .Nasty eh? Today the millionaire and Tory Julian Dunkerton People’s Vote Campaign Gets £1m Boost From Superdry Founder, Julian Dunkerton. So neo liberal millionaires are funding infiltration of our CLPs’ and party members and soon the public . watch out for those polls guys.
    Just to confirm labour against brexit and peoples vote recommend Luke Akehurst and the centrist 8 for the NEC. . Great scam you have there Luke.There is still time for CLP’s to withdraw their support at conference and call a scam a scam https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/peoples-vote-julian-dunkerton-superdry-brexit_uk_5b786e99e4b0a5b1febbe0e3

  3. News coming in is that Chuka is using the peoples vote and Brexit and is infiltrating the Branches and CLP’s to push for a vote in conference. As we know Brexit is Chuka useful idiot .Watch out for officers ‘innocently’ raising this point at meetings of course it will be wrapped in with other topics such as calling general election in the hope of putting it to a vote and delegated to conference .We keep telling old Chuk we are Democratic socialists not the other way around, look right the Libdems await you. Dont be fooled

  4. Do the likes of David Aaronovitch even know where Warrington is – he is the very definition of champagne liberal.

    If he is trying to link Corbyn to the Warrington bomb then either it is true or an absolute lie – in which case one of two things MUST occur 1) the arrest and life imprisonment of Corbyn and the dissolution of the Labour Party or 2) David Aaronovitch is sued so badly that he spends the rest of his existence in abject poverty.

    Let’s not beat around the bush here.

    1. Aaronovitch is no liberal,(except neo liberal),he is the right wing shitbag he always was.

  5. Is it really legitimate to criticise a person if an associate of someone they are close to does something wrong?
    If Aaronovitch has a mate who knows someone who does something wrong, is that wrongdoing then partly Aaronovitch’s fault? I don’t think so.
    All of that assumes that what Aaronovitch alleges is accurate, which is a huge assumption.

  6. The campaign to unseat Corbyn (or at least make him unable to gain power) is extraordinary. It’s hard to think of another occasion when the interests of a foreign nation has sought to influence party politics and government so fundamentally. Of course nations have lobbied and threatened, from Hitler to Trump, but the power and influence of journalists like this man is that much greater because it gives all the flavour of an indigenous opinion.
    The saddest part of the saga is how British Jews are being dragged onto the side of men like Netanyu. His grossness is well illustrated in the brilliant review of a biography of ‘Bibi’ by Adam Shatz in the current edition of the LRB.
    So it seems more than astonishing that so many ‘liberal progressive democrats’ of yesteryear, the stalwarts of the Labour Movement especially after 1945, the people who helped the British Left really think and DO Left are now looking for a Greater Israel and applaud dangerous mad men like Netanyu.
    It’s a great loss for the Left in Britain, if it’s true.
    Interestingly Shatz points to the liberal progressive young American Jews moving away from the Netanyu-Trump horror show, reaffirming their belief in social justice, including for those in Palestine. Sander’s is their representative.
    So why in Britain is there no liberal progressive Jewish backlash against the lurch to the Right? Are they all snarling abusers like Mrs Hodge? Having known (and indeed loved) SO many beautiful British Jewish people I find it hard to believe it’s suddenly all 2 fingers up and ‘fuck off’ like the author of this piece of garbage in the Times is saying.

  7. Ah, Wikipedia. Many have been calling out it and its strange and convenient (for establishment) ‘edits’ into question for months. Here’s some of Craig Murray’s writings on the subject of editor ‘Philip Cross’, scroll down the page. Some Arronovitch page revision history comes up in the first of a series of 4 blogs “The Philip Cross affair”.

    Wikipedia must be taken with a huge pinch of salt if used as a resource. Far better to do your own independent research.

  8. It’s just perhaps Goebells propaganda (on behalf of Neo-Liberal capitalism) from the Right Wing (and Liberal) media.
    Opportunism from Right Wing Labour MPs.
    And Moral Panic from Conservative Jewish forces as Richard Silverstein argues (Middle East Eye, 2018) in the face of growing secularisation amongst diverse Jewish citizens globally; they want to instill one dominant narrative – total unquestioning support for Israel.
    The best development in the UK perhaps is the arrival of the socialist Jewish Voice for Labour.
    Interestingly too the New Left Review points out that there are 4.5m Jewish citizens in Israel but 6.5m living outside mainly in Western Europe and the USA.
    And now the latest wheeze to undermine JC with the bourgeois politicians in The People’s Vote trying to con Labour members to back another vote – funny I thought we had already had A People’s Vote and perhaps they should change their name to ‘The People’s Vote Until We Get The Result We Want Campaign’ (?)
    I believed there were 2 possible frameworks for building a left wing democratic socialist society here and in other countries, firstly via working with our European sister parties and trade unions in the EC or secondly as independent nation states co-operating.
    Despite the EC having been captured by Neo-Liberalism I reluctantly voted Remain as I felt this option may have had more traction.
    It only took me half an hour on the morning after the result to re-analyse the situation and perhaps those who voted Leave have done us a favour (some perhaps not for he best reasons) and if we can get democratic power to control labour supply and capital supply perhaps we get back to a democratic position which countries had before Neo-Liberalism.
    Perhaps the question was never In or Out but how do we build a left wing democratic socialist society as an example to others?
    But perhaps some are thinking we have an EC (social democratic) that WAS rather than the current Neo-Liberal EC that IS!
    I also fear socialists including some Corbynistas are taking a UK-Centric view – come here EC migrants and make us rich (and our rich richer) because we love mixing with diverse citizens (which we do) but whilst their countries may benefit from overseas remittances and when people return who exactly is looking after their older people, teaching their kids, tending to their fields etc. and who is staffing their health services?
    New Left Review argues that Bulgaria for example will have lost half of its population by 2020.
    We could still negotiate to do all the positives we did in the EC – student exchange programmes, cooperation re cross- border policing, reciprocal agreements on using health services, citizens choosing to live and work in EC countries; we are still internationalists and I think by democratically controlling labour and capital supply (which other countries should do too) then we are thinking locally and globally!
    Let’s be blunt hopefully a JC victory could mean the first break in the Neo-Liberal Chain and this is what they FEAR and this is why they are throwing the kitchen sink and everything else at us!
    PS Some Momentum members need perhaps to read a bit more and if they are to have a vote on a Second Referendum and vote for it – this could finish the Labour Party (a majority in two thirds of Labour seats voted Out) and as well as betraying a significant number of working class people Labour could end up becoming like PASOK in Greece. Hope there will be a Momentum debate and not just a Momentum vote.
    JC4PM and Time To Take Back Control from Tory/Lib Dem/Right Wing Labour/DUP/SNP/EC Neo-Liberalism! Solidarity!

  9. Surely this is criminal behavior? Are the police investigating this? May even fall into terrorist laws but certainly private action could be taken against the paper and the so call journalist.

  10. With reference to the Tweet left by Stephen Latham the IP number he quotes does not exist. This could be someone using software to create a fake IP address, or someone is attempting to create fake information.
    We have nothing to fear except fear itself .

  11. Chris Friel, who posts on the SB, has undertaken some rigorous and meticulously evidenced work on the ways in which some of the key attacks on Corbyn have been coordinated, timed and synchronised with extraordinary levels of commitment and precision. It is probably at least a month since I read his work but, as Rob says, it’s “forensic”in its attention to detail. It seems to me that his work has become ever more pertinent, particularly in the light of this latest from SB.

  12. Skwawkbox, you should keep an eye out for Wikipedia editor Bangalamania who appears to have taken over from Philip Cross as the Establishment’s go-to shill on Wikipedia.


    He’s made an extraordinary amount of edits since the start of this month – I counted 49 on 20th August alone including two on Red Action’s entry. He’s been extremely busy on Jeremy Corbyn’s article as well as that for Antisemitism in the UK Labour Party. Tellingly he has also edited Oliver Kamm’s entry just like Philip Cross used to do.

  13. What I find really depressing about this whole affair is when we see so many journalist’s, who we once thought of as fair-minded even when we did not agree with them, now happily joining in smearing a decent man simply for cheap and cynical politicking. Proof to me that the entire mainstream media has become corrupted. The rot is endemic, there are so few journalists who now strive for balance or perspective in what they write that the “mainstream” merely now reflects the worst of the internet…

  14. It’s almost getting to the point where the ‘sunday sport’ headlines seem plausible.

  15. david aaronvitch tweeted that jez C had links with red action and they planted bombs in warrington in ’93 that killed 2 children based off of wikipedia’s red action page that was altered the day before to state that, google tells me that the ip address of the person that edited wiki was in sevington st mary in somerset, david’s brother ben dylan aaronovitch lives in the yeovil somerset area 192.com tells me, if you don’t know sevington is in the yeovil consticuancy, if you pay you get the exact address, wonder what that might be?

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