Chittenden deletes Twitter account after backlash over ‘fixed it’ smear tweet

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LGBT Labour co-chair, former Labour Students Chair and ‘Labour Live’ disruptor Melantha Chittenden provoked outrage – and a flood of complaints to the Labour Party – among Labour members with a tweet in which she accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of promoting antisemitism his whole life.

When challenged about the libellous – not to mention ridiculous – nature of her tweet, she initially tried to brazen it out:

mc libel.png

But now Chittenden has deleted not just her tweet but her entire Twitter account. However, the Labour party has received numerous complaints with screenshots of the offending item and its complaints department is now investigating.

Twitter users have also indicated that they have lodged complaints with LGBT Labour, both demanding action against Ms Chittenden and asking why the organisation has not moved to distance itself from her comment. However, a number of senior officers of the organisation have been noted to have shared similarly ugly and untrue comments by MP Joan Ryan and others. LGBT Labour has long been considered to be dominated by the Labour right.

LGBT Labour has been contacted for comment. Efforts have been made to reach Melantha Chittenden but no response has been received from either so far.

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  1. Oh dear, melantha: “It can’t be libel if it’s true.” chittenden.

    That’s not for you to decide, is it? Being lbgt Labour doesn’t give you a free pass, and deleting your account is no mitigating factor. You need teaching a lesson.

    Sue her, Jeremy.

  2. So that is how she treats a man who has been fighting for her right to be who she is since before she was even born.

    What a vile, hateful specimen she is.

  3. So Veritas shone it’s brighest beam
    Finding little in Labour of concern
    Yet thee who practice the dark arts
    Have clearly much to learn
    And where are your ideas, democracy and debate?
    As you try to break a peaceful man
    With vapidity being your only fate
    Left wing democratic socialists:
    “We shall overcome!”

  4. Who is Ms Chittenden. I am sick and tired of the barrage of insults, lies and smears that Jeremy Corbyn has had to endure from inside the Labour Party. Who does she speak for, what does she mean ‘fixed it for you’. Fixed it for whom,. For herself and her vile cronies. Not for the many who support Jeremy. I have little faith in Labour’s Complaints Unit. I wrote asking them to investigate LAAS. Not even had an acknowledgement. We all need to complain. to Labour Party HQ. Chittenden has gone to far.
    Thank you

  5. Another cowardly bully.

    Ironically, she is bullying a decent and principled man who doesn’t just fight racism and antisemitism but who also fights homophobia and transphobia.

    It’s akin to smashing the ladder that helped you.

    My first thought when I read about Margaret Hodges’ disgraceful outburst accusing Corbyn of racism and antisemitism was of a photo I’d seen of Jeremy Corbyn being arrested by police officers for protesting against South African apartheid.

    I’d love to know if Margaret Hodge bought South African wine during the apartheid era.

  6. She doesn’t seem to have taken the ‘How to Smear without Risking your own Hide’ course that the senior right-wingers have had access to. Perhaps it’s been oversubscribed.

  7. One of the more lamentable things about this whole bogus AS issue is not only how many [unsavoury types] it’s bringing out of the woodwork, but also how many of them are women…

    [Moderator’s note: borderline language removed. All posters please take care how you express your opinions.]

    1. I’m not sure what difference it makes.Or are you suggesting that women be held to different standards to men.Personally.I am disappointed that anyone who is a member of the Labour can say such things,and would like to see them removed at the earliest opportunity.

    2. I forgot to say in my last comment that I can’t stand Melantga, and her absolutely untrue post is a disgrace.

  8. Labour can’t really discipline Chittenden, when they failed to discipline Margaret Hodge for the same thing – calling Corbyn an anti-Semite. That’s the problem with appeasement.

  9. I was thinking the same thing Katherine Coutanche. If I were Ms Chittenden I wouldn’t look to fellow right wingers for support. Loyalty does not seem to be one their attributes. During my working life I got to work with people I did not agree with but I always tried to give them loyalty and courtesy. To see her tweet today accusing the finest person in politics and our twice elected leader of ‘promoting antisemitism his whole life’ is disgusting. It has deeply hurt and offended me especially after the vile abuse from Hodge went unpunished. I am sorry but I am sickened by the
    ‘get Jeremy’ mob.

    Thank you as always

  10. I’m sick to death of identity politics. Factions in endless, frantic competition with other interest groups put many people off politics, they show no commitment to the common good and undermine representative government. It’s no surprise they are from the right of the party.

    1. Maria , thanks for the link excellent article , esp this bit

      The corporate elite weaponised anti-semitism not because they care about the safety of Jews, or because they really believe that Corbyn is an anti-semite. They chose it because it is the most destructive weapon – short of sex-crime smears and assassination – they have in their armoury.

      The truth is the ruling elite are exploiting British Jews and fuelling their fears as part of a much larger power game in which all of us – the 99 per cent – are expendable. They will keep stoking this campaign to stigmatise Corbyn, even if a political backlash actually does lead to an increase in real, rather than phoney, anti-semitism.

      The corporate elites have no plan to go quietly. Unless we can build our ranks quickly and make our case confidently, their antics will ensure the paradigm shift is violent rather than healing. An earthquake, not a storm.

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