MSM whined couldn’t get a camera into Corbyn speech. They got one – and aren’t showing it. Here it is

jc mctaggart.png
Jeremy Corbyn speaking today in Edinburgh

The mainstream media, unsurprisingly, is less than thrilled about Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to democratise, and improve the transparency of… the mainstream media.

One of the tactics used yesterday to try to disparage Corbyn’s plan – which he announced today during his “Alternative Mactaggart Lecture” at the Edinburgh TV festival – went something like this:

Ha, he says he wants to improve transparency but he won’t even let us take a camera in!“.

It was fake news. They got a camera in. And so far they appear not to be showing the speech. Presumably they’re not too interested in telling viewers that one party leader has a plan to improve the accountability of the mainstream media to viewers and readers.

So, since the MSM won’t show you it, here it is in full:

It’s a radical and innovative plan to make the media genuinely serve the people they’re supposed to: you and me. Judging by the reaction of the Establishment media today, they’re very unhappy about it, unsurprisingly.

Enjoy – and share widely.

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  1. He made the important point about Free Access To Information. That is why the LP support the retention of Public Libraries, open when people can get to them and with trained Librarians and Library Assistants

    1. Interestingly, privatising libraries were specifically mentioned in the original GATTS negotiation in Uruaguay 1994. I remember because amongst the bizarre ideas of privatising the NHS and education, libraries seemed a bit mundane … but of course the global overclass really don’t like the idea of free access to information.

  2. Darn it, I thought I had developed special powers and was watching Corbyn’s speech and Q&As remotely ‘live’ earlier!

    Good speech and handled Q&As well. It’s a good start putting proposals out there for discussion.

  3. The mainstream media prefers flirting with the far right.

    I wish I could unsee that photo of BBC Tory megaphone Nick Robinson, who is posed and grinning with the two leaders from Britain First. Family sticks together.

  4. Slightly disappointed that Jeremy didn’t develop a little more his point about John McGrath’s 7:84 company and the increasing wealth gap.
    Not the subject of his lecture I know but I’d have liked a sentence or two on what today’s numbers would be.

    I’m curious because just about every time I see a new set of figures they’ve used a new ‘improved’ model/algorithm so it’s difficult to relate to previous estimates – intent seems likely.

    The latest piece I read blithely claimed that the gap had narrowed a little since 2008 – but they were setting the middle class’s slight losses against some slight gains of the lower paid – not at all indicative of the trend that matters most – but a foretaste of the future.
    Obviously I don’t know for sure but I strongly suspect only the super rich’s declared/taxed income will be included in wealth estimates and the vast sums hidden offshore won’t be counted.

    2030 was quoted as the year the 1% will own 2/3 of everything.
    I think they already own more than that.
    The establishment have no reason to tell us the truth and every reason not to.

  5. It’s not full! It cut rigth in a middle of one other ridiculous question on antisemistism. Can we have it full please???

  6. I’m saying “ridiculous” because the man who ask the last question doesn’t say his name despite the fact that he pretends to be an investigative journalist and seems to be more like a personal question (with what intention?) then a related question to the media reform topic actually debated that evening.

    1. Agreed ANtoine , usual “loaded ” questions from the Jurno hacks esp the Daily Flail , Times , the lecture wasn’t the usual RW headline fodder of their paymasters agenda , its about the future and I wish he’d just shut them down by not discussing their irrelevant Qs , there were much more relevant Qs from the smaller non MSM re the funding principles/charitable status etc Just loved the comment from the person calling out the Daily Hate for what it is

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