Unite plays hardball with Beckett smear

Jasmin Beckett

Former Labour NEC member – and current candidate – Jasmin Beckett has a problematic history regarding antisemitism allegations. She was accused of inciting false allegations of antisemitism against a rival to secure a place on the NEC as Labour’s youth representative.

She has also been a prominent voice in the current spate of allegations, as well as being one of those to respond in ugly fashion to the massacre of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli soldiers in May.

Now Ms Beckett may have stepped over another line in an attempt to attack Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, who last week criticised the leaders of some Jewish groups for their ‘truculent hostility’.

Ms Beckett shared a tweet by a former Unite member of an email in which he accused McCluskey of being ‘an antisemite and a racist’ – and she did so in a manner that seemed to endorse its sentiments:

beckett mccluskey

Perhaps Ms Beckett forgot that Unite is one of the UK’s biggest unions, used to fighting for its well over a million members. Just over an hour later, it responded publicly:

unite jbeckett.png

Ms Beckett has previously indicated that she does not wish the SKWAWKBOX to contact her for comment.


Smears and invitations to ‘dogpile’ are a stock in trade of the laughably-termed Labour ‘moderates’. Could Ms Beckett’s case be a salutary lesson?

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  1. As a retired unite member I do hope they sue her. I am sick of people like this pretending to represent the Labour Party, when in fact they are doing the opposite.

  2. So long these right wingers aren’t out of labour party this will never end in fact because it is a strategy. People should be wise enough to understand that during all this time some other disgusting tories are savaging whats left of decency un UK.

  3. This is the woman that went straight on TV to imply she was kicked out of Labour live.
    They just can’t lie straight in bed can they.

  4. The only thing I don’t like about this time of year is the fucking wasps buzzing around like so many spiteful troll fairies.
    They’ve already felt the rejection mummy promised them they’d never know because “You can be anything you want to be, my special little princess.”
    That and the first chill of autumn (that might bode a hard winter of burger flipping unless they can bury themselves in the flesh of something vital) makes them frantic.

    Sorry for rambling but I finally remembered why I came here – would you mind re-phrasing “Becket smear?”
    I feel a little queasy.

  5. Well at least all can now see just what character the young lady has , hardly one acceptable for a influential and responsible position in the main organisational body of the Labour Party.
    She’s TOAST ! And for that matter I hope that any future unsubstantiated slanderous/liable allegations from within/without the party are dealt equally robustly . God the day can’t come fast enough for this bloody “New Neolib Tory Mk2” party to kick off ffs.

    Q ‘ Phillips / Greasy etc complaining faux outrageously about hounding/bullying of a female , that’s my prediction

  6. It’s shocking and absolutely disgusting the tweets she sent a few years ago in which she actually discussed how to smear her opponent as anti-Semitic. She should have been thrown out of the party then. This latest tweet is therefore unsurprising and I hope Unite do take her to court. She will no doubt have her court fees paid for by Peter Mandelson and the rest of the rotten “moderates”.

    1. It was unforgiveable that Max Shanly was suspended for over 2y, as a result of unproven allegations of antisemitism from Ms Beckett’s election campaign. Iain McNicol finally dismissed the charges when he resigned as GS.

  7. Could it be that there is just a hint of spitefulness and the sociopathic in the young lady’s character?

  8. Oh, you really need to be sure of your ground if you’re going to take on McClusky and the might of Unite.

  9. She’s so vile and has no issues with lying for political reasons. Discussing how to smear someone as anti-Semitic? Disgraceful. Also lied all over tv about being kicked out of Labour Live. She shouldn’t be anywhere near Labour. She’s not fit to be in politics, this isn’t the type of politician we want for the future. Probably a Tory infiltrator. Does she know how she damages Labour in the public eye? How old is she?

  10. Holy Hell, I just read what she tweeted when Israel shot dead unarmed Palestinian protesters, or those throwing stones at the fence.


    OMG! Shocking. Disgusting. I wonder if she wrote that herself or if it was a pre-written thing she’s been told to send. It looks suspicious. Like those comments people are told to copy and paste from that Israeli anti-BDS ‘defend Israel’ propaganda app. Where is she getting her info from that she thinks she can tweet like that with such authority? And she knows better than the shadow foreign secretary?? The audacity. Would love to know her backers. And we should know if we are being asked to vote for her. Which I would never do. I’d rather die than vote for her. She looks so young. Does she know what she is doing? Or she doesn’t care? Brainwashed?

  11. A child of the times I’m afraid.
    First you build your online profile, maybe try out a few political statements, see how many likes you get.
    Once the numbers are in and the market researchers work out what the proles think this week – you get a printout of what your lifelong principles have always been, what music you’ve always loved, what designer shoes and clothes give the best freebies, whose sausage needs hiding and what policies you’re “ryally, ryally commytted tyew.”

  12. Not for the first time ‘the rod’ has been spared…

    If this isn’t to be her last then it proves the lot of them are gutless spineless wimps.

    Now, make certain to make an example of the little abomination so as to deter anyone else with a mouth bigger than the Mersey tunnel.

  13. Why do I come away with the impression that if I as an rather “ordinary” member of the Party had made a similar sort of tweet that my feet currently wouldn’t be touching the ground so far as my coninued membership went?

  14. Its not just an impression for some of us Albert, some of us ordinary members know the reality of this. I’ve had my social media mined by members of Weaver Vale CLP executive in order to find the “evidence” to have me expelled from the party.

    The posts included supporting the Palestinian cause, criticising the local council over their support for a toll bridge in an area of high deprivation and calling Jess Phillips a Blairite and an airhead. Forget all the positive SM comments of support for Corbyn and that I helped run an extremely successful SM campaign for the snap 2017 general election.

    That was my real crime. Helping to elect a Labour MP, removing a Tory from a marginal seat in the 2017 general election. Certain members of the CLP executive didn’t like it.

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