New hardware bought

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Skwawkbox’s followers are incredible. After a series of technological attacks on the site followed by a double hardware failure, generous readers chipped in and new equipment is being set up now to resume normal service very shortly.

I’ll thank everyone personally asap, but for now a huge thank-you to everyone who helped. This blog is a collaborative effort in so many ways and that’s a huge part of what annoys the Establishment about it.

Please don’t donate more for equipment, as that’s covered now, but of course if you’d like to support the blog’s work generally, as ever you can do so by clicking here.



  1. I am glad to be able to provide some small help to keep the Sqwawkbox going. I think it is one of the best informed political blogs and along with others is desperately needed in these days of never-ending, grinding rightwing pressure in the media.

  2. Great stuff! Generosity of genuine socialists ,many of whom would give their last brass farthing to help another human being never fails to hearten.

  3. New Statesman is questioning Skwawboxes integrity over posts it made and then dropped on Tunis story. Please can we have rebuttal or correct story on this Steve? I know I know…New Statesman has a poor history recently when it comes to integrity on Corbyn and Momentum
    stories. But just because they can be highly unprincipled sometimes, Skwawkbox needs to be open when it gets any important facts wrong. Not saying Skwawkbox did at all..Just want response to New Statesman.

    1. New Statesman got the wrong end of the stick entirely – the posts are all still in place and the media were making up the Tunis smears. Too off-target and inconsequential an article to take time on, especially with so much else going on.

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