Appeal: attacks on website, now mass hardware failure


As SKWAWKBOX readers will be aware, the blog’s website suffered three successive attacks on its website a week ago as key articles went out.

Today, when one of the two computers used to create SKWAWKBOX articles was already away for repair after a multiple hardware failure, the back-up machine has also failed and will not work even after a complete reinstall.

I’ll be shopping for a further backup machine today to get the blog back online as quickly as possible. If anyone wishes to help, please do so here.


  1. Struggling to think of a hardware failure that will will let you reinstall the OS but not use the machine – maybe an intermittent BGA contact or a thermal issue.
    Good luck anyway, let me know about the other thing in my PayPal message.

  2. I’m trying to donate (via a bank card) but PayPal keeps asking me to sign up (I am already signed up), and won’t accept the donation. What do I do?

    1. Use the card option? I can finally use Paypal card option (reluctantly) after months of various ‘problems’ on the page.

  3. I’ve got a Yemeni PC repairer friend here in the ‘Pool. He will probably have a look at it for free.

  4. Donated , done , now go and get a really good machine that will not let us down, SB is far far too importnat to have off the air cos of some shit technology !

    1. Someone said to me they thought it was the Israeli Embassey here or a team in Israel that was trawling through Labour MPs, Labour Councillors, and members speeches, articles, activities and their past social media comments and thus it could be argued they were interfering in another country and it’s democracy but one wonders if this persons theory is right and if the Tory Govt know are they turning a blind eye because they think it will benefit them?
      Another person thought it may be the person they called “a political imbecile” Guido Fawkes (of writing a song as a student with the lyrics “Gas the Left” fame) but perhaps although he may be a “useful idiot” he doesnt perhaps have an office sweet of computers and staff for such a task as far as I am aware of?
      And yet another thought it could be Blair’s new Centrist (read Neo-Liberal) office block with plenty of his staff and well funded but I wasn’t sure but it could certainly be a strong runner?
      Oh what a tangled web they weave…….

  5. Some of us I think would be happy to send a cheque so it may be worth exploring setting a P.O Box up?
    I think they cost £24.50 a month, £127 for 6 months, and £222.50 per annum and could be worth it (tho as the American’s say you may get the odd letter from ‘wing nuts’) but I think Pay Pal puts some of your sites supporters off?
    Worth trying it for a few months?
    As I say, it is a back handed compliment, you must be doing a bloody good job, and keep up the good work!

  6. If you want reliability next time get a Panasonic Toughbook, put an SSD in the caddy and max out the RAM.
    I’ve used & messed with them for years, wouldn’t buy anything else now.
    Not gamer machines but if someone tries to mug you for it you can play Warhammer for real and it’ll work just like before. Drop it on concrete in the rain, run over it in your car and it’ll keep on going.
    Good helpful Panasonic group on NotebookReview too.
    Take advice before you buy a used one – give them the full serial number and they’ll tell you its specs – just don’t mention you’re a leftie coz they’re mostly American 🙂
    Government, military, police and big corporations buy most Toughbooks and sometimes disable stuff in bios for security or leave bios passwords on them – you don’t want that.
    The one I’m writing on has nearly 12,000 hours on it, another has 13,500, no issues ever, still look new.

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