Lansman condemns ‘uncomradely and divisive’ Azim article

Momentum founder Jon Lansman has come out in condemnation of an article by Open Labour’s Owen Smith-supporting Jade Azim, after a fraught twenty-four hours or so in which too many well-known young left-wingers who should have known better had defended Azim and her article, which sought to pit ‘Lansmanites’ against the abusively-termed ‘cranks’, as well as promoting Ann Black for Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee).

The piece had caused anger among mental health activists because of the ‘flaky’ associations of the word ‘crank’ used repeatedly by Azim, who denied there were any such links and said the word was used routinely among ‘young high profile’ activists.

Lansman dismissed the article as ‘uncomradely and divisive’ and condemned its exaggeration of divisions on the left, which reaffirming the importance of all parts of the movement:

lansman azim.png

This welcome intervention should serve as a salutary reminder to those who were quick to jump on a bandwagon that misrepresented the Labour movement – and as a rebuke to right-wingers hoping to stir division by promoting the lamentable article.

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  1. So many fools on the left that bought into Azims article without doing basic search. Even her effing twitter handle shows “Open Labour”. Shes right wing and her article was an attempt to divide the left.

  2. “This should be the last time” -The Rolling Stones.
    I voted for the JC9 and I urge all Pro-JC members to show discipline and do the same; ONLY BY DOING THIS WILL YOU BE STRENGHTENING JC AND HELPING TO BRING IN MAJOR INTERNAL DEMOCRATIC REFORMS!
    But there is a fault line that the Oportunist Right are trying to exploit which is of the old Lefts’ making, and I say this as a critical friend.
    The Great and Good of the old Left for the second year in a row are telling us which of the Great and Good of the Left to vote for on the NEC (although they are all decent socialists) and despite my warnings from last year there is some resentment from some of the rank and file to this and the Opportunist Right hope to sneak some of theirs in on the back of this understandable discontent.
    I personally don’t think some of the old Left really gets the Corbyn Democratic Revolution – it should be grassroots, bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic socialist, and perhaps some of the old Left need to learn to let go; my concern is that a lot of new socialist stars are being kept down and many of these may burst with fresh ideas.
    But it pointless criticising without having your own ideas for a more democratic process next time (which I have shared internally and will continue to).
    The Opportunist Right are trying to seize on this so we all need to show discipline and back the JC9 but to JL et al to quote the Stones: “This should be the last time”. Solidarity!

  3. Local Momentum Groups and Grassroots Labour could (1) ask local members if they are interested in being considered as a candidate for the Left NEC slate to submit a 500 statement to the local group which could be put locally on their Facebook Page (and sent by paper to members who may not have a computer).
    (2) The local groups could then have a hustings as part of a meeting where the potential candidates can be questioned on their ideas.
    Then the local group OMOV pick one nominee or they could nominate someone from another area or chose not to nominate anyone (and people can vote at the meeting by post, on-line or by email by a certain deadline).
    (3) All the successful nominees statements are then sent up to Momentum/Grassroots Labour and OMOV we ALL choose the top 9 (by post, on-line or by email).
    Apparently last year about 28 people applied for the 3 extra NEC places yet some secretive committee APPOINTED the 3 to add to the already APPOINTED; comrades we can do much better than this.
    The Blairites took working class communities for granted (which left a vacuum for others to fill) and at present the danger is we take the Left Pro-JC rank and file for granted and what have the old Left to fear – ideas?
    So it is essential this time to back the JC9 but as I try to be constructive in a comradely fashion I refer back to my paraphrase of the old Rolling Stones song:
    “I’ve told you once and I’ve told you twice.
    But you would not listen to my advice.
    This could be the last.
    Maybe the last time, I don’t know?

    1. “Bazza”, I’m old school!
      I, don’t like what your saying!
      I, have every confidence in Jeremy, he’s the best leader Labour have ever had,
      As far as I’m concerned, I will back him and most of his shadow cabinet 100%.
      No ifs, no buts!
      As you finish off all your remarks with, Solidarity!
      “Likewise”, I say.

  4. By the way Bazza, me and the Rolling Stones go back to when they started out!
    I have seen and been to their gigs over the long years and everyone has been an experience of a lifetime, they just get better and better, as they get old and wrinkly!

    1. Bbbarabas, Yes I sound about your age and love the Stones.
      I am 100% behind JC and have complete faith in him.
      But I have detected (on our local group’s Facebook page) some resentment from some of the rank and file at always being told who to vote for and some say they are only voting for 7 or 8 of the JC9.
      I fear their actions may let some of the Right in and I believe the Oportunist Right are trying to take advantage of the situation.
      So I am attempting to rally support for the JC9 which will strengthen JC!
      We can do better and I passionately believe that socialist stars who may be bursting with fresh ideas may be being kept down; we should put left wing democratic socialism into practice which I believe will enrich the left but recognise “You can’t always get what you want, but you can try!” Solidarity!

      1. By the way B perhaps I should have been clearer, when I talk of the Old Left I am not referring to age but old ways of thinking like decisions being made by a few in smoked filled rooms.
        I believe the future is grassroots, bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic socialism and a future which also harnesses social media.

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