Women in burqas? No, ban men in suits…

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Bannon-acolyte Boris Johnson is the problem

Boris Johnson has outraged right-minded people with his attack on Muslim women comparing them to letterboxes and bank robbers if they wear traditional garments. In spite of the obvious racism involved, prominent Tories have defended the former Foreign Secretary and demanded that his critics ‘move on’, in spite of Johnson’s reluctance to apologise.

Johnson’s recent meeting with hard-right Steve Bannon showing through, perhaps – Johnson’s behaviour has been described as positioning himself for the Tory leadership as a ’21st-century Oswald Mosley’.

But Henry Stewart of London, in a memorable short letter to a national newspaper, has turned around Johnson’s bigotry and pointed out that, on the contrary, men in suits like Johnson himself are the problem.

The letter, pointed out to this blog by Twitter user ‘DanDan‘, is 90-odd words of salutary and thought-provoking perfection:

men in suits.png

Of course, there are good men in suits as well as bad. But the letter exposes perfectly the inherent prejudice of judging someone by their choice of outfit – and the fact that the Establishment that likes to divide and weaken us is populated by many who would fancy themselves respectable yet routinely do enormous damage to our society and our people.

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  1. no men in suits that were educated in Bulligdon, are blond, speak 6 languages, think there genuinely funny and actually think there a good mp, there should be a nice safe room for people like this, it involves a white-jacket that needs someone else to take off, a gag so they can only be heard when someone wants to talk to them and lastly a burk hat should be designed for bj, they should wear one in public as it would be a true representation of the person and some of the others of his ilk on the pretty red bus of lies

  2. I repeat my point that Asian women who choose to wear the Burka are not “letter boxes” or “bank robbers” – they are human beings.
    Johnson is an ignorant Right Wing Rump Fed Neo-Liberal Tory Barbarian but interestingly he made the comments after meeting the Right Wing Barbarian Bannerman, the same Far Right US Billionaire Barbarians who are to pour money into Far Right parties and individual Barbarians may have probably promised him financial support?
    The danger is that a number of Asian women wearing the burka may be abused on the streets and have the above words thrown in their faces because Boris the Barbarians comments?
    But they can fight back, if it happens to you ask the nearest person/people to act as witnesses then hopefully a Muslim charity will record all the incidences and a group action can be taken against Johnson.
    I wish I was a cartoonist for as well as a cartoon of Johnson as usual talking out of his considerable backside I would simply have a Muslim woman in a Burka with a few tears showing – Steve Bell get on the case!
    Great call by John McDonnel by the way for a new Anti-Nazi League (as the rich US Billionaire Barbarians prepare to bankroll the Far Right globally including here) and perhaps with Labour, Trade unions, diverse citizens and other progressive forces behind it we can beat the Barbarians!
    No Pasaran!

  3. If anything, this racist bigot Johnson, has proved without a doubt that he and his kind are the people that the “JEWS” should be afraid of!
    The far right, along with those who agree with his outlandish remarks are the reason this country is in such a mess!

  4. I think he, Gove and Rice-Smog look like “letter boxes for rich tax avoiders” or “arse holes”.

  5. BloJob makes even a top quality suit look like a bag of dead dogs.

    Worst advert for English tailoring ever.
    Worst advert for British diplomacy ever.
    Worst advert (OK, equal worst) for public schools ever.

    You can never have enough clowns though, so I vote against culling him with the rest.

    1. don’t need to cull them, stick them in a zoo, there behaviour at pm’s qt qualifies them for that and who knows the place maybe a lot safer with them behind bars, if there for replacement’s there plenty of shop mannequins left around because of there policies, ideal replacements and they probably got more sense

  6. Dominic Grieve thinks Johnson isn’t a fit person to lead the Tory party.
    Did he think him fit to be Foreign Secretary – or even an MP?
    If not why did he not raise the alarm before?
    Does he think May’s selection of Johnson for high office shows her to be unfit to lead the party?
    If not doesn’t that imply that he and May both think every other Tory MP is even less competent than Johnson?

  7. Great riposte by Henry Stewart of London to the latest divisive, inflammatory, offensive comments made by the dangerous, ‘ruling class’ thug Tory government MP that is Johnson. This is another display of the poor quality of MPs of the regime put in power by UK electoral and propaganda systems.

  8. So all the apologists for BJ have been out and about doing their thing of course (and no doubt had their narrative already lined up prior to the article appearing), but can you imagine how they would all have reacted if it had been one of JC’s close associates who’d said such a thing, or similar. All hell would have been let loose of course, albeit totally fake.

    It’s one thing campaigning – or having an opinion – about the burqa not being worn in public, but it’s entirely another to make disgusting and abhorrent and racist comments about the women who wear them – ie easy-to-remember platitudes. Can you imagine how all these women are feeling now! And their families. The Tories are of course vile, but Johnson is one of the vilest.

  9. I’m gonna get a print out of that johnson photo at the top and scare the sh*t outta the kids with it.

    That really is ‘wurzel gummidge meets freddy kruger’

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