Austin raises Labour morale with hint at intention to leave

Soon to be ex-Labour MP Ian Austin?

Right-wing Labour MP Ian Austin, currently the subject of at least two formal complaints for alleged aggression and abuse toward parliamentary colleagues and accused by author Michael Rosen of a ‘full frontal assault’ on Rosen’s testimony to MPs about antisemitism, seems to be going for broke on social media in attempting to paint the party and its leadership, ludicrously, as racist.

But if any Labour supporters are feeling worn down by the war of attrition the Establishment is currently attempting, their spirits are likely to be raised by Austin’s ‘contribution’ yesterday on Twitter in which he appeared to hint his time as a Labour MP may be coming to a close:


Austin appears to find the idea that Corbyn would consult with senior party figures about important policy or party issues incriminating – but then his track record indicates he finds more or less anything Corbyn does objectionable anyway.

However, most interesting is his comment ‘How much longer are decent people prepared to be associated with all this?‘. Since Austin presumably considers himself ‘decent people’ and there is no sign whatever that Labour members are turning against Jeremy Corbyn in spite of the smear campaigns against him, it might suggest his days in the party are numbered.

The SKWAWKBOX asked him directly yesterday:

Hello Ian,

In your latest anti-Corbyn rant you asked how long ‘decent people’ will continue to associate with Labour. Presumably you consider yourself decent – does that mean you’re indicating your intention to leave?

He has not responded to confirm – or deny.


If Ian Austin leaves Labour, huge numbers of members will breathe a sigh of relief, including a significant part of his local membership. Even the prospect of it will boost morale worn down by incessant and shameless bias and smears of the Establishment media and representatives.

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  1. The establishment smear tactics are becoming more and more blatant.
    Re the latest ‘ revelation’ Jeremy Corbyn has been attacked for condoning/attending/ speaking at a HOC debate on Holocaust in 2010.
    Eight years ago.

    BBC Breakfast news stated this morning it was 2 weeks ago !!!

  2. I accept that I might be a bit thick but I fail to see anything in the Sky breaking news story that is in any way contentious. Is there more that you have not displayed? Otherwise all we have,it seems to me,is a party leader wanting to carefully consider recommendations for future policy surely a good thing. I really hope Mr Corbyn doesn’t feel the need to apologise for something else as I am growing increasingly frustrated with the constant appeasement of the saboteurs.

  3. As if austin’s gonna leave off his own bat.

    Like the overwhelming majority of them, he’s a parasite. The labour party’s his meal ticket; woodcock only left because he knew he was getting punted (Not before he could kick up a stink neither) otherwise he (woodcock) would’ve hung on for grim death.

    All this anitsemitism outrage is bollocks – Merely a smokescreen for the real reason austin & co are going on one; which is that people are getting wise to their ilk; and are sick of seeing them with their snouts firmly entrenched in the trough – instead of pulling their effin’ fingers out and giving the electorate what they voted the rodents in for. .

  4. A bit of crystal ball gazing here. I predict these recent attacks on a decent man will result in an increase in Labour Party membership.

  5. This important video needs sharing as widely as possible, it was made for broadcasting in 2011 and exposes the whole can of worms then, highlighting key leaders who support the Israeli government even at that time. Dispatches report 2011 Inside Britain’s Israeli Lobby:

    1. Thanks rotzeichen, I’d missed this 🙂

      37 minutes in the Israeli government press office compares the BBC’s 2003 programme “Israel’s Secret Weapon” about undeclared nukes to “the worst of Nazi propaganda” – so apparently there’s no restriction on Israel comparing anyone else including the BBC to Nazis – and no restriction on Blair banning the BBC from a press conference with Sharon at No.10 for daring to criticise Israel.

      Strange to learn after all this time that 2009 was the precise year the BBC decided it was just less hassle to cave in and side with the bullies instead of the bullied.

      I KNEW they used to be better than this – perhaps when they finally realise that we on the left are of different stock and unshakeable principle they’ll join us in condemning the defrauding of democracy.

      We know GCHQ monitors our calls & emails so there’s evidence of Israel’s, the BBC’s and other parties’ guilt on file waiting to be leaked.

      Our security & intelligence services chase terrorists & Russian assassins while Israel and its proxies constitute the most grievous threat to our democracy, government and institutions since the cold war.

      They must act now or be swept away when we oust their Tory friends from power.

      1. Biased Broadcasting Corporation degrades our democracy and we pay the bill!!!

    2. Thank you, rotzeichen, it now makes more sense than when it was first screened.
      The nearer the election becomes the more the Right gets jittery!
      This program needs to be rerun again, on all channels, to give the general public the outright truth on the interference of the Right and Israel in politics and their payouts to the Leaders and Right politicians of our parliament!
      Let those who have colluded, be investigate by their peers and then be brought to justice for their crimes!
      Fiddling expenses was criminal, this is even worse!
      “Austin”, must be the first!

  6. ” Just when you thought that pretend Labour MP Austin couldn’t sink any lower into the sewer , How much longer are decent people prepared to be associated with him ”
    There fixed it for you Austin !
    Counting the days to the result of the official investigation , tick tock , the clocks running Austin.

  7. No, he is not going anywhere. Not without an order from his current right-wing Israeli government handlers, who are so intent on preventing a JC-led British government. At the moment it serves Netanyahu’s agenda very well – having them as saboteurs within. They will call him soon instructing him to retract the nonsensical comment and continue the ‘good work’ he has been doing, that is, being a saboteur that he is. I am happy that for once, these right-wing PLP members are made to work – albeit shoddily (they can’t even organize a proper coup, which is what all these AS smears are all about, since they are sensing that the Tories are about to implode quite spectacularly resulting in a GE that will usher in a JC-led government sooner than they anticipated) – for someone paying them, since we failed to get them to work for us who elected them. I am telling you, it’s desperate times at right-wing PLP. My advice to Bibi: get them to pay you back once JC is in power, because they have wasted your money after promising you that they will successfully prevent a JC-led Labour Party government.

  8. I love your photo of him because he’ll hate it for sure.
    Looks like a sugar-stuffed infant snarling at a vegetable.

  9. How come it’s OK for Labour traitors to use insulting language such as ‘sewer’ but not for anyone else???

      1. I agree you’re better than them.

        Thing is, the baby that’s wailing loudest is the baby getting all the attention off the MSM.

        It’s time the jlc/BoD et al (Via the MSM) were given a few home truths. It can only be brought to the MSM’s attention by wailing a lot louder and a lot longer than what they’re doing. If that means using the same emotive and (potentially) inflammatory language, then so be it.

        Everthing else is falling woefully short, so it’s time to beat them at their own game AFAIC.

      2. I’d love a big loud wail to say criticising Israeli land-theft & apartheid is NOT antisemitic but the corporate media would ignore it as it doesn’t suit their narrative. They’ll do all they can to smear Corbyn.

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