Video: New Foreign Secretary Hunt tells Chinese officials his Chinese wife is… Japanese

hunt china.png
Hunt (left) bows his head after his mistake

If you were hoping for a less inept Foreign Secretary now that Jeremy Hunt has replaced Boris Johnson, you haven’t been watching the NHS – and your hopes will be dashed.

Jeremy Hunt’s wife Lucia Guo is Chinese. They have been married since 2009. Hunt was meeting Chinese officials.

Yet he tells them that his wife is Japanese:


Based on Hunt’s history as Health Secretary, taking our NHS into unprecedented crisis, as well as the general record of hopeless incompetence of this Tory government, things can only go downhill – so how long before he makes a slip that causes serious affront to another country.

This incident might be funny, but there’s a serious side to it. Hunt’s NHS tenure was a disaster, but striking doctors and nurses, or angry patients and relatives, don’t have armies and nuclear weapons, or the ability to impose trade tariffs and sanctions.

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    1. Surely you’ve got that the wrong way round tomlondra,she doesn’t speak to him!!

  1. That poor girl! I wonder if she’s hoping the Immigration crowd will get on her case?
    Typical Hunt! Can’t even get his wife’s ethnicity right! How the hell can we expect him to get the Health Service right? Oh yeah, he didn’t! Now he’s gonna get our Foreign Policies right? I don’t think so!
    Let’s sack the lot!

  2. £4000.

    That’s how much hunt charged the taxpayer to ‘learn’ Mandarin Chinese – all so he could have a conversation with his in-laws.

    Stupid fecker still can’t even speak English properly.

  3. He was recently criticised for mixing up his children’s names, he explained “they all look alike to me”.

    1. That sentence is one thing he COULD usefully forget.

      Hunt, Johnson, Davis, Grayling, Raab, Gauke, Fox, McVey, Gove, Lewis, Williamson – all handpicked by May – 330 MPs to choose from and these deadbeats were the best?

      Anyone who voted Tory deserves them – and the coming Brexruptcy.

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