Fans reel as Theresa May likes NCIS. ‘No charisma inept socially’ – what’s your version?


Theresa May has caused horror among fans of the show – by telling an audience in Newcastle that she likes watching navy-sleuth show NCIS to relax.


Appalled fans feared they might never be able to watch it in the same way again:

may ncis.png

At least one wag compared a plotline from the show to May’s handling of Brexit negotiations:

may ncis2

But another took advantage of the show’s title being an acronym to suggest his own version, specifically tailored to the robotic PM:

may ncis 2.png

It seems an opportunity too good to waste. Why not come up with your own version, tweet it and put the link in the comments. The best will feature in a new article.

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  1. FFS what does one do with 150 cookery books.

    One gets the impression that Theresa May’s talents are limited to memorising a few stock answers and then just parroting the nearest fit regardless of whether it actually answers the question or not (we see the same in PMQs every week). Self evidently she is completely incapable of thinking on her feet and actually answering a question.

    The NCIS answer was even less authentic than Cameron professing to be an avid football fan. It sounded like an advisor had told her that watching NCIS was a safe choice.

    I’m waiting for someone to compile a list of her stock answers to expose how repeatedly inept she really is.

  2. The Tory party would almost certainly find it more effective to replace MayBot with a Google Home Device and ferry that around the country instead. It would be a lot cheaper and the chance of it actually answering the question asked would be far greater

    1. Well I seem to remember roy hattersley being replaced with a tub of lard; and the lard did a better job.

      So it’d be worth a try I s’pose. 🙂

  3. Going by the number of smiling faces there were less than half a dozen there who swallowed a word of her bullshit. Most wouldn’t even look in her direction, much less smile for the cameras.
    Anyone as used to public speaking as MPs must become attuned to the mood of audiences – that lot looked ready to rip her a new one and she looked like she sensed it.
    Or am I just projecting? 🙂

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