The perfect chant to kick off Saturday’s #NHS70 march


As most SKWAWKBOX readers will be aware, cynical centrists chanted during last Saturday’s “People’s Vote” march “Where’s Jeremy Corbyn”. Corbyn was in Jordan, visiting refugee camps for World Refugee Day – and would not have gone near the march in any case, since he is the only party leader trying to find the best solution for both those who voted remain and those who voted to leave the EU.

But many Labour supporters have been asking this week whether any of the ‘stop Brexit at all costs’ brigade of centrist MPs – of any party – will show their faces this Saturday.

On Saturday, a huge march will take place in London to both mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of our NHS and to call for it to be saved from the relentless underfunding and privatisation imposed on it by Tory governments. On past form, it is highly unlikely that those who marched chanting “Where’s Corbyn?” will bother attending to defend and celebrate the NHS.

And Twitter user Matt Thomas captured the reality and significance of that fact perfectly in a single tweet:

mt wheres.png

If those named dare to show up, it will verge on the miraculous. And while the BBC was all too happy to show aerial coverage of marchers on London’s streets trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn – or at least presented as doing so – it’s almost certain that any coverage by our national broadcaster of a march to defend the NHS from Tory predations will be far more discreet.

Mr Thomas’ suggestion would be the perfect chant for the start of the march.

But only for the first few minutes. Unlike some on the right, Corbyn and the left will want the focus to be on what they’re trying to defend and the people who need it, not on some lesser political point.

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  1. A Party Game: Ask what would be the end result of a Hard Brexit? Think about it. I am a strong remainer. But a Hard Brexit, with £ tumbling, queues at Dover several miles long, no food in shops, all roads brought to a standstill with lorries…..might actually knock some sense into those who voted leave, and would certainly topple the Tories. Just saying.

  2. He’s not trying to help with Brexit he wants to pursue it and you are not doing him or you any favours with your rose tinted glasses. The man has a large fault and that is Brexit

  3. I’ll be there but will have to nip off mid-afternoon to Queens of the Stone Age in Finsbury Park. Bought the ticket ages ago. What time’s JC on, anyone?

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