The troubling history of man behind #LabourLive protest group

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The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the televised claims of a small group of protesters to have been ‘ejected’ from Saturday’s successful LabourLive event in London – and the video evidence and eyewitness testimony that challenges it.


The protest was organised by two anti-Brexit organisations – in fact, limited companies – one of which was Our Future Our Choice (OFOC), as protester Richard Brooks told Sky News:

OFOC is listed by Companies House with a single director, Olufemi Oluwole – but the company’s website pays fulsome tribute to its global chairman, Felix Marquardt:

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Mr Marquardt, an Austro-American born in France, has been published by, among others, the Guardian newspaper. But his employment and ethical history are not without blemish.

For some years, Marquardt held a significant position at the International Herald and Tribune newspaper – but the CV on whose basis he won the job was made up:

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Marquardt founded Kohiba Productions, a rap label, and  Kohiba Multimedia. In 2000, Kohiba Multimedia paid substantial damages to French socialist candidate Bertrand Delanoë for using his name to funnel internet traffic to a pornographic site:

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“Bertrand Delanoë, porn pro without his consent”

This is the man of whom OFOC says,

OFOC UK would not be what it is without him.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Mr Marquardt with details of these reports to ask for comment. A spokesperson responded to clarify that the damages award against Kohiba Media was FFR 50,000, not the FFR 120,000 mentioned by Liberation and said,

It was Felix who in an interview with Les Inrocks, freely disclosed the fact that he had exaggerated how long he had held the title of speechwriter on his CV prior to his hiring and eventually shared as much with his employer, who didn’t care.

Marquardt himself said:

I can confirm that I committed a number of stupid, childish deeds in my twenties. These had nothing to do with OFOC. Any attempt to harm the reputation of OFOC because, more than 15 years later, I gave them a modest hand when they were getting started will be as ill-fated as it is ill-conceived.

Mr Marquardt appears to be quite open about his problematic history. However, the mainstream media (MSM), should – in order to present a factual and impartial representation of the organisations behind the LabourLive protest and the subsequent claims, at least make a mention of the facts about the entities involved.

That has not, so far, been the case. The comments by Richard Brooks and others have been presented as factual without even a minimum of due diligence as to the accuracy of the claims or the nature and history of the entities involved.

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  1. Effete neoliberal silver spoon media whore, PR and pimp to the ugly rich.
    Exactly the kind of person to train mercenary rats how to collaborate like Vichy.

  2. The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the televised claims of a small group of protesters to have been ‘ejected’ from Saturday’s successful LabourLive event in London – and the video evidence and eyewitness testimony that challenges it.

    Challenges it? More like proves they’re outright liars.

    All walking away in a conga line rather than being in a group as you’d expect; with no escort? I’ll tell you why as well. It’s because nobody thought the banner & chant even remotely ‘funny’ , contrary to brooks’ claims. Nobody joined in, encouraged or applauded them (He might laugh at his own *ahem* ‘jokes’ , but that’s what tories on social media do, innit?) so they left of their own accord rather sheepishly.

    It’s there for all to see. The bullshit we’ve seen about this is like having football commentary when you’re watching the snooker. As for Marquadt, well dummkopf schmitt (for example) LIED on his cv and the media gobshites still lap up everything the idiot says.

    Plus ca change…

  3. Also from that Les Inrocks link Skwawky’s provided, Marquadt seems quite unabashed about being a ‘problem child’…

    ‘If he does not know misery, he makes it to his parents: turbulent, bad student, Felix is ​​fired from all the private schools in which we try to fit him.

    Now, where else have we seen that?

    Oh, that’s right, the woeful jasmin beckett.


    ‘I am a working-class woman from Liverpool …Growing up, life did not seem fair. I got angry. I got into fights. And eventually I was expelled from school.

    “I ran away from home and was taken back to my mum by the police. Wirral Young Labour taught me that the anger I felt at society could be channelled into fighting for social justice;’

    Making out she’s ‘Working class, from Liverpool’ (Then why is/was she in WIRRAL Young Labour?? Wirral is NOT Liverpool, and I know – I was born & raised in Liverpool and now live on the Wirral. When people ask me where I’m from I say Wirral – but born in Liverpool.

    And I’ll bet, like Marquadt, she’s not from the poorest part(s) of her area; wherever that may be.

    ‘Fighting for social justice’? She’s a f**king bliarite for Christ sakes… Expel the LIAR.

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