Cleverly makes an *rse of himself with #LabourLive tweet. Don’t worry, we fixed it for him

The ridiculous James Cleverly appears to be the Tories’ go-to eejit when they need someone to tweet absolute nonsense or to defend the indefensible.

The ironically-named Tory MP has, for example, publicly defended his foot-in-mouth colleague Ben Bradley over Bradley’s vile comments about sterilising the poor and did so again when Bradley congratulated a Tory activist using homophobic language.

So few were surprised today when Cleverly tweeted a completely misleading image of today’s ‘LabourLive’ event to try to portray the event as a poorly-attended failure:

clev knb orig.png

Mr Cleverly had tweeted an image of the field before it had filled – but clearly he still doesn’t ‘get’ how social media works and it hadn’t occurred to him that he was setting himself up to look – well, to look an utter arse as hundreds of people pointed out that LabourLive was . instead a massively-attended success:

sb clev ll.png

A few even of the ‘MSM’ were prepared to acknowledge the truth, leaving Cleverly – and similarly dishonest commentators – even more exposed for what they are:

Of course, any event looks poorly attended if you take a picture when people haven’t arrived. So the SKWAWKBOX has prepared a few alternative tweets James ‘Cleverly’ might want to try.

Royal Wedding

The recent wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle was, of course, a huge event watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world and drawing massive crowds. But St George’s Chapel looks a bit empty when no wedding guests are in it:

clev knb meghan


Several people responded to Cleverly’s failed snidery by pointing out the half-dozen or so people who attended the so-called ‘Tory Glastonbury’. So Jimmy might conceivably try to ‘dis’ the real version – and of course, as a Tory, he’s out of touch enough to get the wrong end of the stick:

clev knb glasto


Wembley is the home of the England football team and regularly draws huge crowds for football matches, as well as for other sporting events. But when the crowds haven’t arrived yet, it looks a bit bare. Tory MPs generally only support football teams for PR purposes – remember Cameron’s confusion about whether he supported Aston Villa or West Ham? – so it would be understandable for James to get the wrong impression, even in the week the World Cup started and ‘football fever’ gripped the nation:

clev knb wembl.png

But if Mr Cleverly wished to break the mould – to go against Tory type by using some rare honesty, he might choose to draw attention to the enormous contrast between the actual Labour Live and, say, the typical, sparsely-attended Tory campaign event.

Here you go, James – we fixed it for you:

clev knb truth.png

Why not make your own version and make sure to tag @JamesCleverly and include the #LabourLive hashtag.

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  1. The Guardian was at it as well. Although it wasn’t as bold as Cleverly it slyly published a couple of photos of the event on its website that were carefully angled and no doubt timed to show a thinly occupied areana.
    It managed to convey a “Corbyn Goofs Up Again” message but seemed to be surprised that the event was not a total disaster. (Oh to have been able to blame Jazza for the poor quality of the hot dogs).

    1. Yes I’ve noticed the Guardian reporting and it’s underhand comments regarding Labour live.
      This seems to be the MSM latest push on “Peak Corbyn” being the latest desperate pathetic smear/attack line The Independent is at it as well … Trash and Dross as usual from the MSM.
      Nexxt up the Bollocjks Broadcasting Corporation attack.

  2. And these fuxxwits are in charge of brexit/the Country .What utter ideejits would vote for Tories.
    Just the same as Theresa Mays invisible 20 billion for the NHS . .. just another Tory lie #

  3. James Cleverly, or could it be Uncle Tom?
    Get a life, you excuse for an elected Tory MP.
    What life will you have, when we finally kick your arse up around your ears?
    Your voters will see you for what you are and with all the in the will in the world will see right through your gravy train antics and get shut in the very soon election!

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