Breaking: QC appointed as Labour’s new in-house counsel

Gordon Nardell QC of 20 Essex Street Chambers has been appointed as Labour’s new in-house Counsel (IHC), to oversee the party’s disciplinary processes.


Labour sources told the SKWAWKBOX that an urgent task of the IHC will also be to define what qualifies as evidence in complaints – a key issue in ensuring that due process and the principles of justice are applied.

Mr Nardell’s professional profile at his chambers can be viewed here. The SKWAWKBOX welcomes him to his new role and looks forward to speedy improvements in the disciplinary process and outcomes.

Senior Labour sources describe the appointment as ‘a huge coup for the Labour Party’. Legal ranking experts Chambers & Partners describe him as “a superb legal resource“.

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  1. Let us hope that now that the NEC have a proper lawyer,instead of the barrack room lawyers they’ve been using previously, that Mr Nardell takes them to task about any processes that do not adhere to natural justice.

  2. Won’t be long before the Labour right are spreading insulting and malicious rumours about him

    1. Maybe but if they put a foot wrong outside the House costs and damages will bankrupt them.
      He’s a legal eagle and they’re thick as mince 🙂

  3. A great choice. I am very glad to see this appointment. Gordon Nardell QC is a first rate barrister and a man with a clear commitment to justice and human rights.

    He will have a serious challenge ahead of him because it is not just a matter of improving legal advice to the NEC and other internal bodies but also turning around the wider culture amongst far too many office holders and staff that rules are an irrelevance, or just an annoyance. The improvement of the internal culture of the ‘rule of law’ is a key cultural reform in order to ensure that members rights and party democratisation actual turned into concrete action and internal reform not just more empty policy statements.

    I am hopeful that a man like Mr Nardell QC has both the intellectual calibre and the moral fibre to take this big challenge head on and he can and will make a difference. I also hope he will recognise that many Party members can and are willing to help in whatever way we can and that he recognises that as an additional resource to draw on. It is always to be remembered that we make a difference through our collective action not just as talented individuals.

  4. The trials of members suspended or excluded are still going ahead under the existing system, even though this new appointment has been made. If the procedure is not fit for purpose (as Chakrabarti has said) why are they still going ahead? Some of the actions of those conducting the hearings and the procedures of these kangaroo courts are outrageous.

    It appears nothing has changed and somehow, I don’t think anything will change any time soon. The Labour party are a disgrace.

  5. I have been pushing this issue for months. Using unverified screenshots is not acceptable as evidence. They are too easily faked. There is legal precedent in the US, Canada and Australia that screenshots MUST be accompanied by metadata to be verifiable. It’s only a matter of time until there is precedent here.

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