FCO: Johnson will not delete Babchenko murder tweet – even though he’s not dead


On Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson caused considerable embarrassment to the nation and himself by a premature tweet blaming Russia for the murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko.

Not only had Babchenko not been murdered by the Russians, he was very much alive – and turned up a few hours after Johnson’s tweet at a press conference in Ukraine.

Two days later and Johnson’s comment remains in his Twitter feed – and won’t be going anywhere, according to the Foreign Office (FCO).

An FCO spokesperson confirmed that the tweet will not be deleted and said:

It is, of course, good news that Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko is still alive. The point remains, however, that Russian authorities have been targeting independent journalists for many years simply for opposing the Kremlin.

Well, ok. But the original point was not a general one and that journalist has not been killed – and Johnson’s completely baseless comment will remain on show to anyone unaware of the facts.

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  1. FCO and Johnson are like spoilt children stamping their feet in a tantrum because their party was cancelled. I’ve heard of re-writing history but now FCO inhabits a fantasy, wish fulfilment present parallel to the rest of the world and has its own reality show present.

    FCO needs a serious wake up call and shake up before it causes British people extreme suffering via their war mongering and dangerous ‘diplomacy’. I cannot call it diplomacy these days, it’s just gaffs, crude propaganda and name calling of designated enemy foreign leaders and countries on the one hand or obsequious grovelling to friends on the other. They inhabit a childishly malevolent black and white world where what they and their mates say goes… or else.

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