Sick of royal wedding? Liverpool’s ‘F*** the Royals’ event raising money for Foodbanks

sound bar
Sound in Liverpool (image: Google Maps)

The thought of public money paying for this wedding when people are actually hungry in this country is just something we couldn’t bear.

The BBC’s and other Establishment media’s coverage of the royal wedding has been at saturation level and is non-stop this morning.

As surveys indicate as many as two-thirds of people in the UK have no interest in the event, the Establishment’s determination to force-feed us the Windsors’ nuptials may be more reflective of a desperate attempt to create a ‘feel-good factor’ than of a broadcaster’s wish to give its audience what it wants.

But pandering to the minority obsessed with the monarchy is not universal. Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad published a brave piece this week underlining her republican opinions – and claiming that many journalists privately agree with her even as they push the Establishment fare:

edc royal.png

But a bar in Liverpool has gone a big step further, arranging a F*** the Royals party to coincide with the wedding – and to raise money for Foodbanks, a vital resource for huge numbers of people struggling in the UK’s unhealthy economy.

Image: Facebook

The venue’s Facebook page explains:

The thought of public money paying for this wedding when people are actually hungry in this country is just something we couldn’t bear.

We can’t do much but, on Saturday we are going all out to raise money for local food banks.

Whatever you donate we’ll match. In return for your donations we’ll provide you with the best entertainment on offer in this fine city of ours. F*** the Royals.

There seems to be a high level of interest, judging by the social media shares:

sgm ftr.png

If you’re within reach of Liverpool, need to escape drummed-up royal ‘fever’ and want to raise money for a vital cause, Sound is at 52 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AA.

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  1. I’m not a Royalist by a long chalk.
    What “GAULS ME”, is, “why do we have to foot the bill”?
    Not only for their weddings but all their sprogs, and the rest of the hangerons!
    How about them doing house calls, childminding, cleaning, washing and ironing, for 365 days a year, with a zero contract, minimum wage, no paid overtime or holiday pay, let’s start making them earn their keep!?
    To much to ask?
    One can “dream”!

  2. Yeah, go on, storm Kensington Palace. Downing St. will shoot you for it. A constitutional monarchy is not the enemy.

  3. Are you listening children, hundreds of years ago, in this land, two groups had a fight and the winners said: ‘Rights he’s King and she’s Queen” and still some accept this today.
    And some bow and scrape to them when perhaps no human being should bow to you and you should bow to no-one!
    Harry & Wills were left £16m each, imagine in your life never having to worry about paying bills, having a home, having to worry about anything and apparently this Royal PR stunt cost taxpayers £32m in security and policing costs.
    The Royals are a relic of a bygone age and mean nothing to me although Megan is a decent human being.
    Solution, tax office write to every tax payer asking them to OPT IN to paying tax to fund the Royals and you then need to write back to agree and if people want to keep them in the lap of luxury which they are accustomed too with the best of everything all their lives including dedicated health teams the more fool them!
    I will not reply and opt out and I think like the many others, in this case privilege will in time fade away.
    Long Live the Republic!
    Just think YOU could be Non-Political President too – why you could cut a few ribbons and as the working class socialist star, Yosser in Boys from the Blackstuff said: “I could do that!”
    X & Solidarity!

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