Breaking: Labour largest party in Parliament on #LE2018 results

The ‘MSM’  Tories and the Labour right have spent the day describing the local election results as a disappointment for Labour – including a graphic stating that the vote shares would mean the Tories as largest party if cast in a general election.

That entire narrative has been grossly misleading and based on a set of deliberately-projected false expectations.

The latest calculations – by the BBC – show Labour as the largest party, with a gain of 21 seats against a Tory loss  of 38:


Clearly this destroys the attempted Establishment narrative that Labour under Corbyn are ‘misfiring.

The SKWAWKBOX said last night that the BBC would owe the nation an apology by today for misleading us.

We won’t hold our breath.

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  1. Good. But not that good. Expectation management required but it is so much harder when that relentless bunch of PLP right wing traitors to Labour( who will never give up until they have got rid of Jeremy or formed their own Party) actively create a climate of division and suspicion that lost us votes in many areas. Words fail! Here in Hastings am delighted to say that Leah Levane who was attacked by a ghastly LWT ex-colleague of mine David Aaronavitch in the Jewish Chronicle, and by piss-poor so called journalist Lucy Fisher in the Times, quite randomly for being ‘the wrong sort of Jew’,( Leah is the fab co-chair of Jewish Voice for Labour) and an amazingly caring and good woman, – well she became a councillor in Hastings today for the first time. And another Jewish female Cllr was elected also. Congratulations to them both. Good news for General Election is that two other new Labour Cllrs captured Hollington Ward -the charming, caring, incredibly active Maya Evans and Paul Barnett former CLP Chair, secured the seats to their credit, despite the gammon-like Tory Chairman Graem ‘pothole’ Williams nasty attacks on them both and using the Momentum ‘scare’ formula. It did not work . Hollington is one of the poorer working class areas in the Borough. Hollington ward showed the weakest performance for Labour here at June 2017’s election, and if we had done better there, we might have won. We reduced Rudd’s majority to 346 from over 4000. So winning the two labour cllrs seats there this time, holds out hope for us here in getting rid of Rudd once and for all at the next GE. Much work to do because the Tories spend most of their time doing nothing but putting out misinformation about the Council’s responsibilities. (No our Borough does not have responsibilities for roads which is Tory East Sussex County Council’s responsibility) and they do go on about the closure of one public toilet because of structural damage and the £68,000 a year cost to maintain, and due to the very budget cuts imposed on us – some £40 million, by the Tory Government, in one of the poorest areas in the SE. What a sickening shower.

  2. Yes was initialy a bit disappointed (I wanted a Tory Slaughter) until I went on the Guardian website and read the national results by area A-Z (recommended) and Labour did fine against a decent performance last time.
    We ended up with a decent majority in my city with 3 more seats but the tragedy for me in the inner cities was that turnouts were 20% and less (the poorest are being worn down by austerity) but in better off areas the turnouts were 40%+ but the better off with a social conscience stood by us whilst Tories poured out and UKIP votes seemed to go to the Tories too – they saw the threat to May and perhaps we need to inspire our people more.
    Outside a polling station a poor down and out couple passed, I said have you voted? They said they weren’t down to vote (I know poverty when I see it) and I said the Tories are treating working class people like dirt and by voting Labour you can get your own back and they stopped and listened.
    In their chaotic lives, especially the woman said, I know, you’re right, we will, and she meant it – I had engaged with the left behind and offered equality.
    I also said this to the Windrush generation voters who turned up.
    Perhaps we should do this more, not just ask people for their votes, but try to politicise and empower working people as equal citizens!
    I also asked a couple of young students who had voted Labour to join us – I lent her my rosette for her photo (one was a member and I remembered we have the majority of young people).
    I am a revolutionary on the doorstep, I try to engage with citizens and perhaps we all should whatever the size of their house – most people want to be kind.
    Finally had to laugh at Islington result – Labour 50, Green 1, Rest 0.
    Ha! Ha!
    X & Solidarity!

  3. Barry Gardner has just taken on Krishnan GuruMurthy on C4 News over the entirely ‘skewed’ report that failed to mention the 1000 extra seats Labour won or anything else that was good. Meanwhile on then BBC, all Huw Edwards could talk about was anti-Semitism this and anti -Semitism that. Why?
    Oh how I would long for a whistleblower to expose the bots put out by the extreme right and Tory trolls doing these ant-Semitic comments that are pretending to be Labour.

  4. Jess Phillips ” we have a problem” YES JESS ITS YOU AND THE 40 OR SO OTHER RED TORIES .
    OK we’ve had the elections now for the gloves off , Chukka uppper already putting boot in re Anti-Sem YET AGAIN ! No doubt next phase of ongoing party destruction will be on us in the next few days.CLPS FFS get on and de-select you know who you are ! If you can’t then we need intervention from the NEC also the bloody Whips need to do the Efing job and stick it well and truly to these wreckers.
    A lot of members worked bloody hard and all these twats did was rubbish their efforts ….. NOT ON …. NOT ACCEPTABLE

  5. The BBC, in the shape of Amol Rajan, were calling the public “scum” and “Idiots” on Twitter recently.

    A complaint was made. No apology was forthcoming. No admission of guilt was made by the final arbiter, the Executive Complaints Unit.

    They seem to regard it as “lighthearted banter”.
    Unfit for purpose, they’ll be livid and out of control if Labour get in, judging by this.

    I’m hopeful when this occurs they’ll become the authors of their own overdue destruction.

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