Senior W Mids right-wing Labour MP under investigation for racism/anti-democracy

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The West Midlands stronghold of laughably-called ‘moderate’ Labour continues to crumble. As changes at the top of the regional bureaucracy get underway, a senior right-wing, anti-Corbyn MP is under investigation by the party following credible complaints of racism against the MP by a local member.

The MP in question cannot – yet – be named but if the complaints are upheld it will send shockwaves through the Labour right – and not only in the West Midlands.

Watch this space for more…

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  1. It appears that ‘usual suspects’ and Jeremy will be in agreement on this one – racism and discrimination of any type cannot and will not be tolerated in the Labour Party.

    If it comes to a hearing then I expect the ‘usual suspects’ will be demonstrating outside Labour HQ against the perpetrator

  2. I, along with many, would love to know who it is, but not before it’s investigated properly.
    If evidence shows it’s true, then we on the LEFT can celebrate a slam dunk, it’s not us who are anti semitic, but as we all know, those on the right of politics are the culprits!

    1. I don’t think we should be too jubilant about this because it would be profoundly disappointing if it were proved that there is racism and bullying anywhere within our party, especially from an MP.

      However if the charges are proved the RW will, if they want to maintain any credibility at all, have to vilify this abhorrent individual. After all ‘doing nothing’ is not an option, is it.

      It will be good to see the RW having no choice but to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jeremy Corbyn on this.

      1. I’m over the “MOON”, more jubilant than you can imagine!
        Not before time, that we on the LEFT of the party have put up with the RIGHT condemning us for having a voice, at long last!
        As for your comment of disappointment from an MP ON THE RIGHT, Bullying and Racism amongst a minority of Labour MPs goes on and there’s no denying that it doesn’t.
        The Right have had long enough to tow the party line, they’re the reason we didn’t win the last GE!

  3. Wake up! In Parliament Rudd and May were berating Corbyn with something Alan Johnson said ten years ago. If this MP does turn out to be guilty they’ll be blaming Corbyn for that.

  4. The MSM don’t have the same respect for due process so the name may be public in a day or two.
    Even a right winger has to have spent time in the company of actual socialists – that this person can have felt safe behaving in such a way and that such views could go unchallenged for long enough to rise to a senior position I find immensely depressing.
    Maybe attending CLP meetings would have cured me of the rose tinted view of the movement I’ve obviously been cherishing.
    Maybe I should thank the racist fuckwit.

  5. Well, in true right wing BoD/JLC fashion I will pronounce them guilty before any hearing.

    And if it’s one of the 4 west midlands Mp’s I have in mind, then I will call for the black cap to be issued when passing sentence. In fact I call for it for all four anyway because they really shouldn’t be in the party whatsoever.

    How d’ya like THEM apples, whoppers?

    1. This is totally unbelievable! Who was responsible for this total miscarriage of justice? I hope Marc is reaching for his lawyer, I will chip in.

      1. It’s looking like the Board of Deputies’ bully tactics have worked. Everyone is guilty. I can only hope that there is more evidence than is in the public domain to justify this decision

  6. For people who aren’t Labour members and knowledgeable about the fractional thing, this will just appear bad for Labour and Corbyn. And that’s how it will be portrayed. Especially if it’s who I think it is, who has been appearing to be Corbyn’s mate in recent times.

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