Watch: former head of British armed forces cut off for going off-script on Syria


Major General Jonathan Shaw, the former head of the UK’s armed forces in Iraq appeared on Sky News this afternoon – and was summarily cut off when he started to ‘re viewers there was no reason for Syria to use a chemical weapon when even the US acknowledged he had won the war:

Think we are not being fed a pro-war line by the MSM?

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  1. The look on that presenter’s face, she’d obviously had a “voice in the headpiece” order.

  2. To be fair, the voice in the headpiece might be saying “we’re late for the advert break” — but of course that raises the problem of commercial news media.

    1. I’ve just tried both my link and the one in the article and both work fine

  3. I read somewhere that chlorine gas is by far the most common chemical weapon used in Syria.
    You can make chlorine gas in your kitchen – which doesn’t prove who used it but does prove either side could have.
    Both sides in Syria are perfectly well aware they’re in a media war as well as a shooting war so “use of chemical weapons” is clearly not the real reason for the sanctimonious bleating of the sheeperialists.

  4. Link didn’t work for me with Chrome and AdBlock. This gif probably won’t work either but for a different reason… duh


  5. I am a left wing democratic socialist, I say and stand for what I believe. I also believe early ‘socialism’ was hijacked by bourgeois socialists – top down, undemocratic elites, TAKING POWER FOR THEMSELVES and secret police etc. telling people how to live their lives when we should be grassroots – led, bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic socialists – telling leaders what to do, working out together in every country how we should live our lives and supporting each other.
    I also believe you will never win working people to your ideas by being dishonest (the problem of the ‘Far Left’ Bourgeois Socialists’).
    But to cut to my main point, the chances of this guy being a socialist I would suggest (from his perhaps not working class background?) may be less than 50% but we share things in common – he draws upon evidence, thinks, and is HONEST.
    And this brothers and sisters is why we will win.
    Yours in International Solidarity,Peace and Love!

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