OPCW en route to Syria for Douma inspection

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The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has announced that it has a team en route to Syria in response to the Russian government’s request to conduct an inspection in the town of Douma, the site of an alleged chlorine gas attack last weekend.

The team is expected to begin work on Saturday.

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  1. As the USA has just admitted that it has no direct evidence of a chemical attack it is difficult to see how anyone can justify bombing until the OPCW publish their findings.

  2. Trump and his tweets are going to start another world war. How can any country rely on Trumps words

    1. According to “BBC R4 6pm News” Trump is railing back from his original bombastic position.

  3. May is going to come out of her cabinet meeting announcing her determination to stand shoulder to shoulder with Trump in his war, and Trump is going to be “war? what war?”.

  4. Meanwhile Mystic Meg Macron (France’s Tony Blair) claims to have the proof.
    Perhaps he may care to share this and he has it before these experts arrive!
    Worrying how Tories seem to want to end MPs having a say.

  5. Chemical weapons are vile but let the evidence speak the truth and then perpetrators face trial – keep calm, keep rational, keep considered.
    And in Syria we have tragically had what 500,000 to 600,000 deaths in the civil war caused by all the national actors and international actors using conventional weapons.
    And as the US tries to lead on the moral high ground perhaps we should remember that according to Peter Wilby (New Statesman website) 11,000 to 18,000 civillian lives have been lost in the last year in Syria and Iraq due to the US bombing of so-Called IS.
    But perhaps the Three Desparado’s (Trump, May, and Macron) want REVENGE – Revenge is good for the Right, Revenge makes people think they are strong, and Revenge makes citizens think need they need the bourgeopois politicians (in the West and East) – these little people.
    Let’s kill more and pour more petrol on the fire.
    But Lindsey Duncan, Channel 4 Foreign Editor made a good point (14/4/18) that Assad’s victory is pyrrhic – he can hardly control his country and depends on Russia and Iran.
    So as the Barbarians of the Rich (East and West) bluster, left wing democratic socialists on behalf of working people in every country should call for a peace conference to end the human made tragedy in Syria (and what a lot of people never seem to mention is that Assad and his clique own most of the economy in the richest part of Syria, so this is perhaps what they were always fighting for?).
    I think the World sorely needs more Peacemongers like JC!
    Yours in peace.

  6. I wonder if gas might be behind all this?
    EU gas is piped from Russia but the US would dearly like to sell us their shale gas – frozen and shipped here at great cost in dollars, ships, carbon and whatever the cost of a ship sinking might be.
    If Russian gas is sanctioned who gains but the US?
    Maybe British Gas might make a couple of extra pennies too.

    It was just a thought. They wouldn’t really do that would they?

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