Shawcroft resigns, Izzard moves in – NEC power balance remains firm


Christine Shawcroft

Christine Shawcroft has resigned from the NEC following controversy about an email she sent about a council candidate’s alleged Holocaust denial. Right-wing Labour MPs wrote a letter to Jeremy Corbyn demanding her removal – even though Corbyn has no power under Labour’s rules to do so – but Ms Shawcroft’s decision is the right thing for her and for the party.

Comedian Eddie Izzard, the highest loser in January’s election of three additional NEC members, will replace Ms Shawcroft – at least until September’s annual Conference, after which the victors in this summer’s election of all nine ‘CLP’ representatives will take over.


In a statement released jointly with the party, Ms Shawcroft said:

It has been a privilege to serve on the Labour Party National Executive Committee for the last nineteen years, and I was standing down in September in any event. I have, however, decided to resign with immediate effect.

It is clear that my continued membership of the NEC has become a distraction for the Party and an excuse for endless intrusive media harassment of myself, my family and friends.

I reaffirm my complete opposition to antisemitism and my abhorrence of Holocaust denial, and support all measures to tackle this within the Party. And I pledge my full energy to securing for our country the Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn that it so desperately needs.

Ms Shawcroft’s almost two decades of distinguished service service to the Labour Party should not be alloyed in any way by the events of the last couple of weeks and the SKWAWKBOX wishes her well.

Labour’s pro-Corbyn membership majority will have concerns about Izzard’s accession, as he was supported by the right-wing Labour First and Progress factions, in spite of campaigning as an independent.

However, these concerns are unfounded as recent developments among the union’s NEC delegates and a cooperative attitude on the part of a couple of ‘unlikely suspects’ mean that the left’s advantage will be far firmer than the 20-19 theoretical split.

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16 responses to “Shawcroft resigns, Izzard moves in – NEC power balance remains firm

  1. Antisemitism is being deliberately misconstrued with anti-Zionism, Zionism is a political doctrine followed by the Israeli state and a few Jewish people,but not all Jewish people are Zionists thankfully !

  2. Sorry to be a pedant but it is not because of January’s election. Izzard gets it on the basis that he was second runner up in 2016. Rule on co-option of a replacement to divisions III vacancy on the NEC is in Chapter 4 clause III (iv).

    As the January election has not been announced to the conference immediately preceding the vacancy the January election does not count. The runner up in 2016 is Ellie Reeves but as she is now MP for Lewisham West and Penge she is no longer eligible, so it skips to the second runner up in 2016 which is Izzard.

  3. This is very hard for me to say BUT I have had enough of all this bull**it.. when we think we are going in the right direction, the PLP stab us in the back yet AGAIN.. it is with a heavy heart I am giving up my membership, I honestly don’t think this will ever end & don’t want to feel devastated when they get rid of JC which they will because they are so determined.
    The only reason for them wanting to get rid of JC they want to keep their cushy numbers even if they never get into number 10, which they won’t as thousands & thousands of members will be doing what I am doing now. On another note if JC goes I will never ever vote Labour again & I do mean what I say as I am 67 years old & had been a lifelong LibDem voter until 2010 when they got into bed with the Tories & I wrote to N Clegg to tell him this & true to my word I have not voted for them since.
    RIP Labour Party. So so sad…

    • Don’t leave yet Hilary … I just want to give up too but that is exactly what the PLP coup-ers want us to do. The only way that they can depose Corbyn is if we leave. The only way that Yvette or Chuka can replace him is if we leave. We need to stay and fight through all of this. If JC can withstand the bullsh*t, then we owe it to him to stay strong too.

      • Just had a conversation with someone on a Facebook & I told them how I felt saying I couldn’t understand the PLP Coup-ers if they get rid of JC they won’t ever win an election & we will be lumbered with the Nast Party forever, which frightens me more than the Nasty Coup-ers… Thanks I won’t be resigning

      • Yesszzzz Hillary THATS THE WAY TO DO IT.
        Stay fight…… piss em off vote vote vote … go to Confrence make your voice heard.
        I too felt the same and no doubt 1000 of other members do to , but the allternative is too defeatist to contemplate.I will no longer swallow shit and salt from these right wing arrogant MPs pretending to be Labour.
        If not a member of Momentum then may I politely suggest you join for added support and comradship
        In solidarity comrade

    • They will not force Corbyn out as he is a firm believer in the people who put him their and if he was to go he would have long before now, please stay strong and stay the only way we will beat them and putting corbyn into number 10 is doubling our efforts and remain together

    • Stay strong Hilary, That’s what Jeremy wants, we who believe in him and the Left of the party, For the many, not the few.

    • I think many of us will cease to aid or vote labour if it reverts to neo-lioberalism…Until then, la lucha continúa!

  4. We are all dishearten by all this unjust nonsense, but we have to stand firmly behind JC and support him, otherwise the right will win. Bear up and continue to support Labour.

  5. NOBODY should be disheartened, I for one am even more determined to fight the sods. Jeremy has been fighting them for over thirty years, stick by him and don’t be fare weather supporters who give in when the going gets a little rough – it’s going to get rougher but we will beat them.

  6. Very sad news about Christine, let us not despair, we on the left will fight on, to make Jeremy the next Prime Minister.

  7. Hopefully another 100s1000s new proper @Labour members from this? The last thing for “the many not for the few” needs is a pink Tory Blairite “comedian”

  8. Letter to the BBC:-

    Since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader it has highlighted an age old schism in the Jewish community between Zionists and non-Zionists. As a consequence, the BBC has chosen to take the side of the Zionists who support the colonisation of Palestine.

    It’s more than obvious now that Israel will stop at nothing by using its Zionist foot soldiers, to remove Jeremy Corbyn. The BBC is so complicit in this campaign that it is pointless for any Labour MP who is not an expert in dealing with your hostile interviewers to allow themselves to be subject to an inquisition.

    Relative to the time you have given non Zionists to express support for JC, you have given Zionists and the right wing much more opportunity to heap accusation after accusation on to Jeremy Corbyn – probably the strongest fighter against anti-Semitism in Parliament – to try and destroy him as a person and as a leader.

    Zionists are not interested in fighting anti-Semitism but in eradicating support for the Palestinians

    We are now witnessing the depths of unscrupulousness and deceit to which these people will stoop in pursuit of their goal.

    We all pay our licence fee to the BBC, it is deplorable that in return we are being fed a diet of anti Corbyn propaganda on behalf of the non democratic apartheid State of Israel.

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