Iain McNicol’s leaving-do tonight

glum party.png
Certainly not a scene from the McNicol leaving bash

Former Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol’s leaving do is tonight (Tues).

There is certainly no reason whatever to think that what has been described as the ‘must-miss event of the year’ will be attended only by joyless, uninspired centrists.

There just might be a few scenes like this at Labour and Momentum meetings up and down the country, however:

Certainly not a scene from ‘LOTO’

The jubilation will, of course, be entirely driven by excitement about what new General Secretary Jennie Formby will bring to the role – and not at all by relief or ‘Schadenfreude’ at Mr McNicol’s departure to pastures new.

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  1. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, Iain.

    Job done.

  2. Ian who ? , Right Jenny what can you / we do to discipline those disloyal MPs like Wooddick etc who’s CLPs seem unable or unwilling to do the job , can the NEC now intervene in them and force the re-selection of more loyal MPs I wonder .

  3. When does he officially leave office? I see he is still listed as Registered Treasurer (a role the GenSec takes) at the Electoral Commission.

  4. Just a pity that someone will employ him as part of the ‘revolving door’ programme rats of his ilk have boxed off for themselves.

    Should be put on trial.

  5. A hearty farewell to McNicol, on the only thing he gets right in those years.
    Not before time!
    I for one, hopes, we hear no more of him, or his ILKE!
    Good riddance, to bad rubbish.

    1. sp – ilk, not ilke
      50 lines by tuesday 9am: I must imporove my spelling

  6. Very difficult for a CLP to change candidate as often they are run by a small clique and dominated by one figure so many members don’t attend. There need to be completely new rules so that all CLP members can vote electronically and secretly, and that all candidates can send emails to members. The only other way is that all PPCs have to be endorsed by the NEC.

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