Theresa May expresses ‘full confidence’ in aide who ‘outed’ #Sanni against his will

Among the many things the Establishment will be hoping is drowned out by other issues in the media this week, one stands out as especially damaging – and vile.

kgm shanni.png

When whistleblower Shahmir Sanni exposed collusion and fund-moving among pro-Brexit groups during the referendum campaign and their use of controversial firm Cambridge Analytica, a spokesman for 10 Downing Street responded by ‘outing’ Sanni as gay – against his will.

A move that Mr Sanni believes has put his life and the life of his relatives in Pakistan at risk.

Attempts have been made to dismiss this action as merely a personal statement by the spokesman, Stephen Parkinson – but Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr revealed an email showing a Number 10 political press adviser sending Parkinson’s statement as official Downing Street communications:

kbuch no10 sanni.jpg

This unconscionable – but according to Cadwalladr it also contains a lie, because an email between Parkinson and Shammi shows Wylie’s involvement:

cad lie.png

For details of the confirmed use by the leave campaign of Cambridge Analytica’s services – and the decision of the BBC not to publish the information – see this Twitter thread.

Such behaviour by an adviser should result in immediate dismissal, if the PM is denying her personal involvement and responsibility. But instead, Theresa May has expressed her ‘full confidence’ in Parkinson:

coates may conf.png

As Twitter user Peter Jukes pointed out, this is an endorsement of an act of bullying of a type all too frequently associated with the Tory party:

jukes sack

But Parkinson was not acting in isolation. If May had even a shred of integrity and honour left, her sacking of Parkinson would be immediately followed by her resignation.

It will not be – because the Tories are too busy clinging desperately to power and avoiding a leadership contest.

And no amount of media-driven ‘dead cats’ can mask that fact.

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  1. I have repeatedly wrote, the “TORIES ARE A BUNCH OF LYING HYPOCRITES”!
    How long do we the voter, have to keep putting up with this “BUNCH”?

  2. Hmmm….

    Vote leave – Full of extremist rightwing nutcases (There y’are; have a taste of yer own medicine) ‘honcho’ in interracial homosexual relationship with 1st (2nd or 3rd, it doesn’t matter) generation ‘british pakistani’.

    Where’s the outrage from britain first about this? I suppose the gobshite golding will ‘send his right wing cannons (sic)’ round to my front door if I complain about the abominable behaviour of the white english homosexual in this debacle…??

    I doubt they’ll be sending anyone to pakistan to look after shanni; who also worked for pro-brexit (as did/does rees–mogg falange, johnson, and the rest) though.

    I really could not give less of a sh*te about either of them, meself. It didn’t matter to me that kezia dugdale (Remember her? I barely can meself, she was that ineffective) was supposedly outed against her will – Same applies here, for me.

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