Last yr we listed 6 tactics centrists would use to undermine Labour. They did – and still are

Just after last year’s General Election, as ‘centrists’ and the Establishment reeled at Labour’s huge ‘surprise’ surge – though we and others said all along it would happen – the SKWAWKBOX pointed out six ‘desperation tactics‘ Labour insiders had predicted that the Labour right would use to try to undermine the Corbyn-led, continuing impetus toward government.

All six were duly used.

In the wake of Owen Smith’s sacking for breaking Shadow Cabinet ‘collective responsibility’, as centrists complained of a purge (of a single person), social media users took centrists to task for hypocrisy and identified what they believe are the motives for the behaviour of so-called ‘moderates’ and its timing.

And a few people remembered this blog’s prediction and pointed out its relevance to the current local election campaign period:

6 tactics.png

Many Labour supporters clearly believe the behaviour of Labour ‘moderates’ now is similarly intended to damage Labour’s expected dominance in this May’s local elections.

If you want to check out last year’s prediction, you can do so here.

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  1. CLPS step up and start holding your disloyal MPs to account , and more over get on and DESELECT THEM or we will never have a Labour Govt.
    Is this what you’d want ? if so you are NOT LABOUR BUT TORY

  2. What is moderation because many MPs who call themselves moderate are anything but, just look at the last 8 years of Tory Legislation would you call that moderate? I certainly don’t as much of it is brutal

    If anything Corbyn and Labour are far more moderate redressing and balancing all this brutal legislation that has harmed so many

    1. The use of the term ‘moderates’ is of course a propaganda exercise, concocted and contrived to imply that JC and his supporters are extremists. Funny isn’t it how the ‘moderates’ lable (for those who are in fact Blairights) only came in to being as of after JC was elected leader.

      Deception and deceit and distortion comes naturally to the Fascist Psychopaths.

  3. The ‘centrist’ MPs and their surrogates in the Labour Party lost Labour the last election and it is clear they intend to lose the party the next election too.

    The time for compromise is over.

    It is time for civil war against the racist, pro-apartheid centrists in the Labour Party.

    Best it is done quickly, ruthlessly and mercilessly.

    In our CLP we will deal with our traitor and I call on all other CLPs who have traitor MPs to chase them out of the party too using the mechanisms available to us through the rules of the party.

  4. It’s no coincidence that these 6 attack lines on Corbyns Labour leadership have all come about. They have intensified since the sacking of Owen Smith from shadow cabinet over his opinion that a second referendum on leaving the EU should happen before any vote on a final deal happens. Smith was brought back into the fold to show there was no longer any hard feelings between them after the last leadership contest. Smith now after being dumped out of the Northern Ireland Office wants to create as trouble for Corbyn as he can.

    1. It was of course a deliberate ploy by Owen Smith (along with his Blairight buddies) to get himself sacked so that THEY – his buddies – could all pile in and criticise JC for doing so, albeit fraudulently of course. The point is that they all knew that JC would have no choice other than to sack him, and once he HAD, they could all then go to the media saying what a wonderful Shadow Secretary for N Ireland Owen was, and also peddle a false reason for JC having done so, knowing of course that the vast majority of the public are not aware that it is standard practice if a member of the (shadow) cabinet steps out of line regarding party policy. And needless to say that the papers and the news broadcasters who are running with it are well aware that it’s all a falsehood, contrived to paint JC as authoritarian etc, along with the ‘Stalinist Purge’ trope.

      THAT’S the problem with being a decent, honest, caring and trusting person in politics………. you’re surrounded by devious, duplicitous low-lifes who will trick and deceive you and pretend they’re your friend, and then stab you in the back.

      1. Probably. The Sun’s political editor, Tom Newton-Dunne alluded to this on yesterday’s ‘Sunday Politics’.

  5. As you suggest, it is not just Owen Smith or Chuka Ummuna weaponising the Brexit as a wedge issue. There is Luciana Berger’s accusations of Corbyn being prejudiced against Jewish people. Jess Phillips on the rampage about the complaints and disciplinary procedures whilst maintaining that there are huge levels of sexual abuse in the LP. The appalling behaviour in the HoC and the letter of protest at Corbyn’s asking for due process over the Skrypal affair. All following on from the letter of support from local RW councillors across the country for Claire Kober etc.

    I thought that it was significant that Jess Phillips’ team in a pub quiz was called the ‘Rebel’s Alliance’. Innocuous enough to be passed off as a joke but slyly referencing the collusion that obviously exists when the usual MPs pile in, one after another, in support of each other’s bizarre and brazen anti-Corbyn pronouncements.

  6. Once and for all, the right need a good kick up the arse, at our local CLPs, we the “MEMBERS”, should do our “DAMNEDEST”, to get them all “DESELECTED”, “SCRUBBED OUT”, SO THEY NEVER CAN STAND AGAIN AS A SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY MP, OR A LABOUR COUNCILLOR!

  7. The leadership has gone away,as has head office departures and the National Executive has gone left,and now look who are suddenly bereft?
    Richard Dennis

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