de Piero’s office manager who joined Tories had been deselected and suspended

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson – Labour MP Gloria de Piero’s office manager – who has today defected to the Tory party, was deselected as a Labour councillor in January by local Labour members for May’s local elections.

Mr Anderson was also suspended by the local Labour group last month for investigation over allegations that he had made racist comments on social media.

A statement by Ms de Piero said,

I thank Lee for all of the hard work he has done for the Labour Party.

If he has had a political change of heart and decided to leave the Labour Party and join the Conservatives, that’s a matter entirely for him.

This Conservative government has led to increased NHS waiting times, reductions in the number of police officers on our streets and school budgets under strain.

I believe only a Labour government will improve life for the residents of Ashfield.

She has not yet responded to the SKWAWKBOX’s question whether Mr Anderson will now be required to resign his position as her office manager.

Mr Anderson’s defection will strengthen the calls of the Labour left for local government candidates to be selected who reflect the politics of the membership – most of whom would rather lose an arm than join the Tories.

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    1. To be fair, she probably has to negotiate terms for (let’s call it) any redundancy. Unless there is some explicit term in the employment contract requiring party membership, she could end up at a tribunal for unfair dismissal if she is not careful. I’d guess she has to call lawyers in.

  1. If he has defected to the Tories it must mean that they are quite happy to welcome people who are accused of making racist comments.

  2. I find it surprising that De-Pero would be unaware of Andersons issues and potential disgruntlement. I’d have thought she’d have had her finger on the pulse of any ” disquiet ” from someone as important and close as her Office Manager. Maybe he hid it well , BUT surely after he was suspended back in January the ALARM BELLS would have been ringing loud and clear . So one has to conclude that perhaps De-Pero has some sympathy with Andersons actions . I’d have expected a somewhat stronger condemnation of him anyway . Now where did De-pero stand in the Chicken Coup , supporting JC or not ?

  3. Another parasitical careerist gobshite gone.

    De piero ought to be looking at the fact she’s on a hiding to nothing with her bliarite tendencies in this labour party.

    I wouldn’t even advise her to get wise and get with left-wing politics because she’s so utterly useless anyway.

    And the toerags will soon have plenty of fatted calves to slaughter…

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