Video: Boris Johnson’s sister – “Jeremy Corbyn was right” on #Salisbury response

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Rachel Johnson is a right-leaning journalist – who also happens to be the sister of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Johnson has been in lock-step with Theresa May this week in claiming that Russia are culpable, beyond reasonable doubt, for the Salisbury nerve-agent attack – if only because Russia responded sarcastically. The Tories – and a few dire Labour back-benchers – have attempted to portray Corbyn’s far more measured and statesmanlike response as weak or disloyal.

There is likely to be some sibling conflict, then, after Ms Johnson told the BBC’s Newsnight programme a few minutes ago that Jeremy Corbyn’s stance was exactly right:

Ms Johnson is not alone – even among right-wing commentators – and that seems to be causing panic in the Establishment. But more on that anon.

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  1. The second murder of a Russian fraudster who brought his money to the UK in return for political asylum after a lengthy prison sentence tends to highlight the possibility that these were indeed Mafia feuds of the sort that tend to follow billions of missing cash so safely tucked away in tax havens, often British. Money laundering is really quite easy – well, it is in Panama. One secret company pays another and hey presto the bribe is passed. It did wonders in London society, so much money!

  2. Credit to Owen Jones, he tackled Newsnight about the appalling biased backdrop of the previous night and was absolutely on top of the arguments. Naturally, the Times journalist was amused by his earnestness but Owen was superb.

  3. Haven’t the right wing wreckers in the Labour Party learned ANY lessons from Iraq? On the basis of zero credible evidence, they backed Blair and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and hundreds of British troops to be killed and injured.

    Jeremy Corbyn has looked at the situation logically and sensibly and formed an opinion on that basis i.e, until unequivocal proof is provided that the Skripals were targeted on the direct order of Putin we cannot point the finger of blame at Russia.

    The truth is, the wreckers are using any reason to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and have no shame in doing so. They are despicable.

    1. Indeed, Wreckers. At the beginning of their adventures, I thought they were daring JC. Now they are daring the overwhelming majority of membership that voted for JC.

      The irony is that, they are not aware that JC is the only reason the membership is not actively pursuing their deselection, because, as The Morning Star in February 2017, said about him: “He has been bullied, betrayed and ridiculed, and yet he carries on with the same grace and care he always shows to others – however objectionable their behaviour and treatment of him might be.”

      These wreckers keep harping on about JC’s record of ‘rebelling’ against the Whip – over 400 times, they keep on reminding us. But as Phillip Cowley/Mark Stuart stated at their site re: JC’s ‘rebellion: “…I once asked him what issues he would rebel on, and he was very clear that he didn’t rebel willy-nilly, only doing so over issues of war and peace, liberty and social-economic policy…” (http://revolts.co.uk/?p=914.) Whereas these wreckers are rebelling willy-nilly. We don’t want ‘Yes-Men’ surrounding the leader, neither do we want wreckers in our midst.

  4. Evan Davis gleeful over predictably jingoistic opinion polls on ONE issue, Evan Davis giggly as a little girl over ‘JC the Commie’ backdrop, Evan Davis confused at three-to-one ‘balance’ turning into even-split.
    Owen Jones should have slapped the bony arse off the hairless little lapdog.
    Time to start banging some fists on some tables.

  5. As reported in The Times on Thursday (March 15th), Benjamin Griveaux, the French government spokesman, said on Wednesday night that British claims to have proof of Russia’s involvement were “fantasy politics”. The following extract is from the Times article:

    Mr Griveaux had poured cold water on claims that Russia’s involvement in the attack had been proven. He said: “We do not do fantasy politics on subjects so serious and so sensitive. Once the elements are proven, that will be the time to decide. But we don’t begin by asking what we can do in case or if something might happen,” he said. “Once these elements are proven — we are in contact with the British authorities on a daily basis on this topic as you can imagine — the decision will be taken.”


    The very next morning an entirely different statement was released from the Elysée, as reported in the Times article – ie “France shares the UK’s assessment…..”, blah, blah, blah, but which was the honest statement of the two? The first one of course (and NOT lacking in derision either).

    I have heard it said on a number of occasions by various people during the past four or five days that the ‘investigation’ is likely to go on for weeks, and yet Russia/Putin have already been tried and judged guilty by May and Co and Blairites and the Tory papers et al. But it is of course all an act, and that is the reason why Benjamin Griveaux referred to it as “fantasy politics”, and I have little doubt that if someone were to ask him what he thinks of Jeremy Corbyn’s position on the matter, he would say that JC is being ‘entirely realistic’.

  6. Theresa May and co and Blairites,plus all the Tory rags and BBC,get the true facts you liars,remember the lies and spin over Iraq.What you trying to provoke ww

  7. For the last month or so there wasn’t a peep about the polls, suddenly after a massive media onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn over an issue that has been hyped up beyond belief, Theresa May is suddenly seen as prime ministerial.

    Theresa May has turned Britain into an international laughing stock, and any that can’t see that is willfully blind.

    Not only is Jeremy Corbyn right about his stance, but the Tories are now enacting what he has said from the start.

    The BBC is a disgrace and snivelling Tory sychophants like Evan Davis that kept interupting because he didn’t like what he was hearing, should be drummed out of the BBC at the earliest possibe moment. Propagandists like him are destroying our democracy. I also noted he tried to divert attention away from the topic they thought would do most harm to Jeremy, but brilliantly Owen Jones brought them back on topic, which meant Evan Davis had to bring it all to a close to avoid more damage to the Tories.

    Theresa May is part of the lunatic fringe and has to be spoon fed by script to answer her critics. When she is faced with real questions that she has no advanced knowledge of, she goes completely to pieces.

    We really do now have to tell those right wing MPs, dressed up as moderates,

    People need to wake up in this country, every day that these Tories remain in office the more damage they do to our country.

  8. Much as I don’t wish to demur on the subject of JC and the BBC/Labour “right wing”, Rachel Johnson may well be Boris’s sister and she may well accept salaries from media companies who lean to the right of centre politically, but, for your information, she is also daughter to the excoriating Stanley Johnson and sister to Jo Johnson, one of the Education department’s wreckers; however, she is a member of the Liberal Democratic party post-Brexit vote. She is incorrectly portrayed as being a right-leaning journalist.

  9. How refreshing it is to read that Boris Johnson’s sister is displaying dignity and integrity,(so unlike her brother) in her reaction to the Salisbury poisonings. She is totally correct to urge us all to wait until all the facts are known before jumping to conclusions.

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