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In the month since its last report, the SKWAWKBOX has been busier than ever. Some of the highlights:

  • exposing the DWP’s malpractice in abuse of CCTV footage and the use of fake Facebook profiles to entrap disabled people – and its decision to slow down emergency payments to some of the UK’s poorest people after the bitter weather
    dwp cctv tweet.png
  • published the list of MPs who voted to prevent over a million poor children receiving free school meals
  • exposing a gaping hole in the monitoring and reporting of donations to MPs
  • revealing the definitive stories of the Christine Shawcroft controversies
  • exposing government evasiveness about the sham of Theresa May’s ‘meeting’ of her so-called ‘rough-sleeping task-force’

  • exposing the hidden threat in the government’s announcement of its decision to abandon phase two of the Leveson inquiry
  • highlighting the government doing exactly what Corbyn had called for in his Commons speech on the Salisbury attack – after the Establishment spent days attacking him for the call
  • bringing evidence of the BBC tampering with an image of Jeremy Corbyn to thousands of readers
  • exposing alleged comments undermining Theresa May by a senior minister
  • revealing the key trigger that forced Labour to announce the resignation of its General Secretary Iain McNicol – and the real starting point of the drama
  • scooping the ‘MSM’ to reveal Jennie Formby’s decision to be the first and leading applicant for the position that McNicol was vacating – and revealing the extent of NEC support for her candidacy
  • revealing Momentum founder Jon Lansman’s decision to step down from the General Secretary race
  • revealing the bizarre response of Tory MP Philip Davies to questions about alleged bullying of a journalist.
  • revealing the false allegations about Labour’s National Policy Forum meeting and the plans made in advance by the Labour right to hijack the meeting
  • exposing failings and serious allegations in Sandwell, a heartland of the Labour right’s West Midlands stronghold
  • identifying the latest Tory plant to get to ask the first question on the BBC’s Question Time programme
  • revealing a BBC journalist leaking sensitive information to anti-Corbyn figures in the London borough of Haringey – and the BBC’s arrogant response
  • exposing civil service conducting ‘work-ups’ to get ready for Labour government
  • exposing a fake Grenfell account discrediting genuine survivor and campaign groups

All of this information and more is provided free of charge – and ad-free – to get the information to as many people as possible, in the most accessible, readable form possible.

If you value the way in which the SKWAWKBOX shapes and sometimes revolutionises the political/media narrative in the UK and can afford to do so without hardship, please consider supporting its work by making a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal here.


  1. Already do , and thank goodness for the info, keep it going and to those who comment but don’t contribute maybe if you can you should , left wing blogs need our help and support .

  2. I’m a 78 year old woman and I already support you with a monthly donation. It’s not much but it’s the best I can do since Nigel Lawson’s policies destroyed our business and we had to sell our pension insurance to get us out of debt. Go Steve!

    1. Thank you, appreciate it so much! Do bear in mind, nobody should incur any hardship so don’t feel you have to!

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