Labour lead Tories by TWENTY-TWO points in 25-54y age range

The latest ‘Westminster voting intention’ polling by Survation – by far the most accurate pollsters at last year’s General Election, in spite of ‘MSM’ mockery for their predictions – has Labour showing a solid lead of seven points over the Tories, at 44% vs 37% overall. This is the seventh Survation poll in a row showing Labour ahead:


However, that overall number masks some remarkable figures in the detailed polling breakdown by age band.

As would be expected, Labour have a strong lead in the 18-24yo range – though the scale of the lead, at fifty points (64.9%/14.8%) may send a chill down Tory spines and makes clear why Tories are uniformly against allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to vote.

But the way the figures stack up across the next three age-bands are likely to be like icy fingers on Conservative hearts.

The percentages per band are as follows:

25-34 46.6%
35-44 47.8%
45-54 54.7%

But taken as a whole, the percentage in the 25-54 years range that would vote for Labour is over fifty percent (50.2%) – against just twenty-eight percent who said they would vote Tory.

As Twitter user Matt Thomas put it:

trick 50.png

The numbers above are in the ‘don’t know/refused removed’ polling table, but even with potential ‘shy Tories’ included in the version of the table with those who didn’t know which party they’d vote for or declined to answer, Labour has 41% in the 25-54 age range vs just 22% for the Tories.

The older age ranges, as expected, pull the numbers partially back toward the Tories. However, the fact that the 45-54 age range has the highest percentages for Labour – and will not magically swing to the Tories as people age a year or two – are bad news for those who want to maintain the right-wing status quo.


Could that age range reflect the fact that younger grandparents are tech-savvy, able to access genuinely free news sources and less gulled by the right-dominated, billionaire owned ‘MSM’ – and therefore see more clearly the damage the status quo is going to do to their grandchildren?

Small wonder that the Establishment is desperately trying to impede access to online, independent news sources.

Maybe that Labour should be pushing its 600,000 members (plus union affiliates) to teach their grandparents and older family or neighbours the virtues of getting their news online instead of relying on the press and the BBC for their perspectives.

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  1. Here comes CORBYN!

    Onward to victory comrades.

    There is much work to do, let’s get on with it.

  2. “But taken as a whole, the percentage in the 25-54 years range that would vote for the Tories is over fifty percent (50.2%) – against just twenty-eight percent who said they would vote Tory.”

    This paragraph appears to need a quick edit

  3. I think your reasoning about the tech-savvy pretty much nails it.

    I’ve tried teaching me 81year old dad to use the interweb…I’d be better off trying to teach a fish how to do chinese algebra ffs!

    Too old a dog to be taught new tricks; it fails to register when I read out an article from a left wing blog that he agrees with (And there are more than he realises).

    On the occasions when I’ve reminded him of the sources, it’s been funny watching him have the odd michael fallon moment. 😀

  4. ‘But taken as a whole, the percentage in the 25-54 years range that would vote for the Tories is over fifty percent (50.2%)’. No it doesn’t!!

  5. Skwawkbox, the 18-24yo range split is 10% higher than you give – you have to wind the zoom up on the pdf Table 4 to see that it is actually 64.9% for Labour to 14.8% for Conservatives, or an amazing 50% difference! Hard to differentiate 5 and 6 in that small font in the pdf.

    Though it has to be said we are in the weeds of uncertainty here, as actual numbers of voters here are down to 38 Labour and 9 Tories out of the 720 likely-to-vote people in the sample.

  6. I’ve waited 51 years since I was 21 for Jeremy Corbin to come along!
    I am sick to death of those right leaning policies of consecutive Labour Governments that have been slow to make this Country a place for the many, not just the few!
    Thank heaven, at long last, we have a “LABOUR PARTY that WILL WORK FOR THE MANY”!

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