Tory MP Percy’s remarkable response to a polite question


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Tory MP Andrew Percy

A UK pensioner living in Australia wrote to Tory MP Andrew Percy to express his fears about the government’s freeze on pensions for ex-pats in some countries – those in EU countries and the US get ‘triple lock’ increases, those in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, for example, do not. Recent changes in exchange rates have hammered the value of frozen pension payments.

Percy’s response was noteworthy – but just the beginning of the story:

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The pensioner’s anxiety about having to move back to the UK was met with amusement – and offence on the part of the MP, who said that he felt insulted by the mere suggestion that he has to ‘take the party line’.

The pensioner and his family were not the only ones to find the MP’s response surprising – Jon Stone, a journalist with the Independent, found it ‘amazing’:

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But that was far from the end of the matter. The SKWAWKBOX wrote to Mr Percy to ask him about his exchange with the pensioner. We sent him a copy of the exchange and asked:

The person emailing you seems in evident distress over the policy under discussion. Do you feel your response is appropriate? What is the ‘insult’ you refer to in your last line?

Mr Percy’s response?

Thank you for your email from your partisan blog. I had previously blocked your email account to another address and will be doing so again due to your previous attempt to bully me.
We don’t comment on private conversations with individuals on issues, other than you can clearly see that the reply was in response to the deeply insulting suggestion that I am some sort of robot who only trots out the party line.
Please do not waste parliamentary time with what amounts to part two to your previous attempt to intimidate and bully me with your partisan blog.

A ‘previous attempt to intimidate and bully‘ him?

Mr Percy was referring to an incident last year in which the S*n attempted to smear Labour MP Laura Pidcock for going on a holiday to Venice – with the full permission of the party – that her partner had arranged for her before she was even an MP.

The smear included a quote attributed to Mr Percy in which he attacked Ms Pidcock:

Laura Pidcock should be apologising to her constituents and to Parliament for doing what she herself accused others of just a few days before.

Ms Pidock had not done any such thing – so the S*n quietly changed Mr Percy’s words to “for doing what her fellow Labour MPs accused others of just a few days before”.

Changing a crucial quotation – without flagging the change/correction. Or had Mr Percy himself changed his words?

So we asked him:

  1. which version of the words is correct – the one accusing Laura Pidcock of personally criticising Tory MPs for not voting or the later one saying Labour MPs made the criticism?
  2. did you change the quote or did the Mail? If the latter, did they have your advance permission for them to do so?
  3. what do you think of the Mail changing its quotation of your words without publishing a correction notice or apology to Ms Pidcock?
  4. you criticised Laura Pidcock’s absence on the basis that she or Labour MPs had criticised Tory MPs for being absence for last week’s UC vote. There was no vote this week, so she merely missed – with her whips’ permission – some talking in the Commons and didn’t miss a vote. Isn’t that in fact hypocritical and disingenuous of you?

Mr Percy declined to apologise – but withheld permission to use his response. However, he did not withhold permission to use today’s, which makes plain that he considered the four questions listed above, in an attempt to get to the truth of a troubling mismatch, to be bullying.

And now, asking whether his response to a pensioner – which the pensioner considered to be rude – was appropriate and why Mr Percy felt insulted? Well, that’s just part two to [our] previous attempt to intimidate and bully” him.

We sent a response to Mr Percy’s email, from an alternate email address so he would have a fair chance to see it and answer the pertinent questions if he chose to:

Mr Percy,

Thank you for the interesting response. Can you clarify why you consider asking you a question to be ‘bullying’?

Also, you told Mr ______ you stepped down as a minister in order to express your ‘independent voting’. Yet according to http://www.publicwhip.org.uk/mp.php?id=uk.org.publicwhip/member/41770, while you voted against the party line significantly in your first term and occasionally in your second, since you returned to the back benches in June last year, you have done so zero times. Are you planning to catch up?

Mr Percy has not so far responded.

Edit: seems Mr Percy has been on a roll today – see this thread by Evolve’s Matt Turner:



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  1. Some Tory MPs seem to be having considerable difficulty with complying with their own Code of Conduct. Unless we see some sanctions from TM then the Code of Conduct is nothing more than a PR stunt, just more empty rhetoric. Can we trust or rely on anything our PM announces

    1. Austerity’s true and only purpose was to defend the lie that Labour spending caused the ’08 crash – obviously it seemed credible to enough of the gullible to get them elected but then they were stuck with it.
      No U-turn possible without the lie being obvious to the dullest.
      Self-centred as ever they neglected the possibility that the voters might eventually see through their cunning plan.

      Redwood’s No.10 policy unit and its self-serving worship of Hayek drove the Big Bang which was the true cause of that crash – and the next ten crashes if we don’t fix it for good.
      Admitting to the thing most likely to get the Tories shunned in the polls forever shows the true calibre of the man.

    2. I’m opening a book on how long the MSM take to cotton on to this & publish/broadcast

      1 quintillion / 1 – Today

      The equivalent of the national debt / penny – Never.

  2. I am gobsmacked. What a ludicrous reply to a serious, genuine concern written in a most polite manner.
    A disgusting human being with an ego of glass and a superiority complex.

    1. How ironic! A bullyboy psychopath falsely claiming that he’s being bullied. But then that’s fascists for you.

      If a political ally of JC’s had responded to someone in such a manner (not that THAT would ever happen of course), it would no doubt have been front-page headline news in the right-wing Tory rags

      Anyway, please sign and share the following:


  3. partisan

    1. a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.
    “partisans of the exiled Stuarts”

    2. a member of an armed group formed to fight secretly against an occupying force, in particular one operating in German-occupied Yugoslavia, Italy, and parts of eastern Europe in the Second World War.
    “the partisans opened fire from the woods”

    Woods are OK – but a nice quiet rooftop and a crowd to melt into… 🙂

  4. I wonder why his constituency of Brigg and Goole has swung so strongly to the Conservatives since they captured it in 2010?

    If this could be discovered then we would be nearer to defeating him.

    Does anybody know?

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