CLPD AGM supports Formby for #JenSec

As the SKWAWKBOX reported earlier this afternoon, CLPD’s (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) AGM debated a motion to support Unite’s Jennie Formby for the position of Labour Party General Secretary – and to ask other left candidates to stand aside to ensure a left woman wins the vital role.

The vote passed comfortably, although not overwhelmingly. An attempted amendment that would have essentially neutered the motion was defeated.

The full wording of the motion is below:

clpd jf

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  1. As a financial supporter of Momentum it is my view that Momentum needs to help deliver a Labour General Election victory before it seeks reprentation at the highest levels of the party.

    Jon Lansman has put the cart before the horse. This political misjudgment on Jon’s part demonstrates his unsuitability for the role.

  2. Just came across this article on politicshome:


    But WHY do they include the first and the third comment/tweet or whatever as examples of ‘attacks’ on Jon Lansman, when they are of course perfectly legitimate, and whose to say that the other two don’t have a point. It’s made to look as if Jennie condemned ALL the comments, when she was in fact only condemning the comments describing Lansman as a zionist etc.

  3. Lots and lots of great activists and JC supporters are now using all of their time, energy and ressources defending themselves against antisemitism smears or disrepute accusations, the right understand very well these people canot come back without a cost for them so they will do anything in their power to make sure it doesn’t happen. Lansman is opening a way for the blairites to save the day and that extremely sad…

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