Timetable for selection of new Labour GenSec

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The timetable for the selection of the new Labour General Secretary to replace the departing Iain McNicol will be as follows:

gensec schedule.png
Monday 26th February:
NEC officers agree draft timetable for NEC & agree expanded NEC Officer
panel for process of long-listing and short listing
NEC officers meeting to agree the recruitment timetable.
NEC officers agree job description, person specification and advertisement
Tuesday 27th Februa ry: Advertisements placed
Tuesday 13th March: Closing date for applications
Wednesday 14th March: NEC officers meeting to determine long list/final
short- list (TBC)
Thursday 15th March: Short list as required
Tuesday 20th March: NEC meeting to interview and appoint GS

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  1. In your previous article you said the new GENSEC “will be a woman” (Jenny Formby?). Therefore unless there are no male applicants the above appointment process would be a farce

    1. You can’t have every employee elected – and too many mandates would risk grinding the party to a halt. You’ve got to have someone to enact what the elected officials decide – they don’t need their own mandate

  2. Just heard that Lansman has put his hat in the ring. Very happy for him to run Momentum but this position would give him too much power. People with too much power invariably misuse it. For him to be put in post would set our party back to the unelectable days. Since taking the Leadership Corbyn has rarely put a foot wrong in the face of fearful opposition both within and outside of the Party. The NEC is starting to represent the membership and with McNichol’s departure, we have an opportunity to employ someone who shares that vision without the jeopardy of Lansman. I would actually be in favour of an all women short list. The great pity is that Lansman without the Momentum baggage would have been a perfect fit with the added bonus of being Jewish to lay lie to the anti-Semitism nonsense.

    1. He really wouldn’t – 65k people elected him for the NEC and he’d be throwing away their vote

  3. Don’t forget the final step in the election process, which could be important. Rule book 4.II.4.A: “The General Secretary shall be elected by Party conference on the recommendation of the NEC”.

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