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NEWS FROM LABOUR: Iain McNicol has resigned as Labour Party General Secretary

A Labour spokesperson said:

Iain McNicol has decided to stand down as General Secretary of the Labour Party to pursue new projects on behalf of the party and wider Labour movement. The officers of the Party will meet to decide the process for the election of a successor. To maintain stability, Iain will work with our NEC Officers to deliver a smooth and proper transition ensuring that the Labour Party remains on an election footing.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

I would like to personally thank Iain McNicol for his long and dedicated service to the Labour Party as General Secretary. He has run our party’s organisation at a time of great change, including a near tripling of the membership, two general elections and the EU referendum.

Iain has served the Labour Party and trade union movement in a wide range of roles throughout his career and is a credit to our movement. I am confident Iain will continue to play a major role in politics and our party, and will support our team inside and outside Parliament with his experience and skills.

Iain McNicol said:

It’s been an absolute honour and a privilege to serve as General Secretary of the Labour Party. I have now decided to move on to pursue new challenges in the service of the Labour Party and wider labour movement.

I would like to thank our fantastic staff across the country for their brilliant work and support. A team who continuously go above and beyond to deliver for Labour. It has been a tumultuous seven years including; two general elections, a huge increase in our membership, Scottish and EU referendums.

It is a hugely exciting time for the Labour Party after we achieved the biggest increase in our vote since 1945 at last year’s general election. I will continue to support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and will work closely with him and our whole parliamentary team to take Labour to victory at the next general election.

Many members will be hoping McNicol’s departure triggers a wave of changes through a party bureaucracy still considered to be a stronghold of ‘New Labour’.

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  1. This is the best news for along time. McNicol has done his best to thwart the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn at every turn – go and stay gone!

    Let’s hope the election of a new GS is open to all members and not just the chosen few.

  2. Hooray! Now I hope a true dyed in the wool socialist is appointed as General Secretary. Maybe enquire if one of the left wing trade union general secretaries would be interested.

  3. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out McPurgester … you won’t be missed not by me anyway …

  4. This is a great news.

    I hope the new GS is elected democratically by the party membership/

  5. G R E A T N E W S !

    How magnanimous is Corbyn! He is the personification of professionalism, when you consider how hard McNicol’s NEC worked in their chicken coups and witch hunts against Corbyn.


  6. Well this floored me, very unexpected, presume the NEC and NPF not being under ‘centrist’ thumbs he was the odd one out now. Lets hope the next gen sec is a tad more supportive.

  7. Saw the email notification, looked up at the sky, thought “March maybe?I don’t believe April…”
    Old Auntie’d look weaker & more deluded than ever calling another snap GE… but it might be fun to dangle something that looks like disarray in front of her 🙂
    I reckon she’d like nothing better than to wash the smell of Brexshit off her hands.

  8. Good riddance to him, go and stay begone McNicol, you and your fellow Blairites tried to undermine JC at every turn but you failed miserably .
    Hopefully JC will get a General Secretary that will loyal to the core.

  9. In true JC Style Corbyn gives him glowing words but he really did not need too given how McNicol went against him including getting me suspended on jump up charges with no evidence

    Best news all week

  10. Rather cheering news.
    I will do the job but for no less than £30k – it is all I can afford!
    Hope we get a left wing democratic socialist who reflects better the JC inspired mass membership.

  11. Got me suspended as well by rubber stamping the prejudices of a certain regional member of staff with zilch evidence. She’s next! Until the ROs are cleared of dross – we will continue to stagger about losing committed socialists and preventing others from joining because they csn see the infighting and steer clear. Corbyn would already be in power if not for these people.

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