Video: Corbyn cheered by business bosses for response to Mail’s lame spy question

corbyn eef
Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the EEF Picture: EEF Twitter

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was invited last month to speak to global business leaders in a demonstration of Labour’s economic and fiscal credibility that made a mockery of the attempts of the UK’s Establishment press and broadcasters to push a contrary narrative.

Last year, at the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received warm applause – according to many, warmer than his Tory counterpart – a spectacle likely to have put Tory grandees into a cold sweat, especially as financiers were also reported to be coming onside.

And today, at The Manufacturing Organisation EEF’s conference, Corbyn received another huge round of applause from business bosses with his response to a tiresome and transparent question from a Daily Mail representative eager – even after they were thoroughly debunked yesterday in a BBC interview with a Czech intelligence archivist – to keep rehashing the risible claims that he was somehow compromised by a discussion he had with with communist diplomats during 1980s perestroika:

(Video by @EL4JC)


The reaction of business bosses to his put-down of the Mail will have worried the Tories, as it showed their smears now struggle to gain traction with what they might consider their natural constituency.

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But they will find even more worrying reports that Corbyn’s speech was also warmly received.

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  1. Business leaders have always seen through Tory smears & lies but wanted low taxation so supported them.
    Now they can’t help but see the incompetence of first the referendum and then the Brexit “negotiations” – negotiation is bread and butter to business. They see May and Davis’ grandiose plans being thwarted at every turn. They know the Chinese will have Fox’s trousers down.

    Business people have older relatives just like us – they have children and use public services like police and fire just like us.
    Why wouldn’t they ditch the Tories who’ve allowed everything that holds society together to fall to pieces?
    Most business people are not part of the 1% wedded to neoliberalism – and they’re smarter and better informed than the semi-literate loud-mouthed ranters who read Tory comics.

    I think they’ll be with us when it counts.

  2. Yes he was also great on potential asset stripping takeovers such as the threat to GKN – Labour would change the rules and intervene whilst dithering May as a business commentator in the Guardian says “sits on the fence.”

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