Sarwar, Dudgale fail to comment on Creasy ‘racist ad’ message

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and former leadership challenger Anas Sarwar have been vocal in the last week or two on the issue of alleged racism in the Scottish party.

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Sarwar claimed that a Labour councillor told him during last year’s leadership election that voters were “not ready for a Muslim, brown p**i”, but has not named or reported the councillor in question.

Sarwar also told the Daily Record that another ‘senior Labour member’ did not back him because his wife wears a hijab and has proposed an “8-point plan” in response – and wrote a lengthy piece on the topic of racism and Islamophobia for the LabourList website.

Dugdale has supported Sarwar’s plan on social media.

When diversity training was mandated for his fellow MSP Hugh Gaffney, after Gaffney admitted making offensive remarks about LGBT and Chinese people, Sarwar responded by reiterating his plan.

According to the Scottish S*n, he also refused to sit with his party leader during First Minister’s Questions this week in protest at the supposed ‘let off’ for Gaffney.

Scottish Labour insiders have questioned the timing of these events, pointing out that the alleged racist comments took place last year during the leadership contest, while the right has recently been trying to undermine Leonard by removing his supporters from the party’s Scottish Executive Committee.

In an exclusive on Saturday, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that ‘centrist’ Labour MP Stella Creasy was challenged by a black colleague over her use, in a parliamentary WhatsApp group, of a cartoon image of a black child from a 1980s soft drink advertising campaign.

One of Creasy’s black constituents described it as a ‘racist advert’ and called for the party to take disciplinary action. MPs and other senior Labour figures told the SKWAWKBOX they were deeply unhappy about the image. Ms Creasy has not responded so far to a request for comment.

In view of their response to alleged issues in the Scottish Labour party, the SKWAWKBOX asked whether they would comment on Creasy’s use of the ‘racist ad’ that so offended BAME members and MPs.

So far, neither has responded.

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  1. Stella Creasy has posted a racist cartoon trope of a black person online. Whether Ms Creasy realised the image was racist is materially irrelevant, it is an image which is typical of racist cartoons designed to dehumanise and demean black people.

    As the Labour Party has a zero tolerance policy towards racism, Ms Creasy will need to apologise for her lack of judgment in posting this racist image and will need to attend a racism awareness course to help her understand why posting such an image is unacceptable.

    I would also request that surrogates of Stella Creasy do not post comments defending her actions as they are not helping Ms Creasy by doing so.

  2. Empire required military power to enforce it and slaves (later wage slaves) to generate its profits.
    Dehumanising the victims of Empire was essential to make brainwashed soldiers massacre dissidents to order.
    Racist beliefs today are the direct result of slavery and Empire.

    Empire was entirely for the benefit of rich Tory traders and their entire business plan was the cruel exploitation of populations under the pretext of saving their souls through Christianity.

    Today the voluble racists are called the “far” right only because most Tories and half-tories have enough sense to hide behind the language of equality while their neoliberal plan for the monetisation of the rest of us proceeds.
    They’re still the same people as their forebears away from public gaze.
    Creasy must surely be one of the most stupid among them.

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