Now THIS is how you tell a right-wing US President he’s wrong

Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May faced widespread criticism for her ‘weak‘ response to US President Donald Trump after his far-right tweets last year. Pictures of her holding hands with him shortly after his inauguration had already set the tone for the relationship in the eyes of many.

Jeremy Corbyn’s response to yet another pontificating and distinctly unstatesmanlike tweet from Trump contrasts starkly with May’s approach:

jc trump.png


May’s behaviour with Trump typifies her weakness on the international stage and is a national embarrassment. Corbyn’s integrity in standing up for the UK’s people – and our greatest treasure – shine an unflattering light on a weak and craven PM.

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  1. FUCK off Trump and mind your own business , ooops forgot he is in pocket of the Health business , so is minding his business ,,,,, friends and paymasters , what an orange turd.

  2. Trump has legally stolen the surplus labour of all of his employees all of his life and though apparently being left 200m dollars apparently also went bankcrupt (6 times) before some suggest he was bailed out by one of his legal co billionaire thieves (the upper class welfare state). Trump and is ilk are Barbarians, as billions of human beings live in poverty on 2 dollars a day, as perhaps billions are undernourished and poorly housed (if housed at all) these LITTLE PEOPLE FOCUS ON STUFFING THEIR MOUTHS WITH GOLD. Their moment is hopefully brief and soon we should see the end of the era of ‘The Great Men and Women of History’ (without an original idea in heir heads) and it will be time for The Great Masses of History facilated by the likes of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Trump, Putin, Erdogen, the Right Wing Govt. in Israel (currently as racists deporting black migrants) the vile Right Wing Polish Govt (currently trying to whitewash history from some Polish involvement in genocide), undemocratic tyrants (with money) like Saudis, corrupt elites in Africa, the Right Wing Tories in the UK and the bourgeois socialists in China and North Korea – THE LAST OF THE BARBARIANS! There is Hope! Solidarity!

  3. At least his tweet means that the BBC have had to report the protest more widely than hidden on news24, and a dark forgotten BBC web page hidden away, if somewhat belatedly.

    Rather puts the BBC in a bad light, when the US peecident (sic) knows more than people watching BBC1’s “flagship” news programs.

  4. Perfectly judged. Direct yet neutral – can’t be claimed by the right to be giving offence to the leader of the western world (fuuuuck) – but still pointed.
    Diplomacy with a Glasgow kiss.

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