Williamson’s new video of 2018: how Carillion collapse exposes Establishment rip-off

Chris Williamson’s first ‘Week in Westminster‘ video of 2018 – and his first since his resignation from Labour’s front-bench team – examines PFI (Private Finance Initiative), the collapse of Carillion and their place in the bigger picture of unhealthy relationships among banks, elites and government.

The hard-hitting video exposes ways in which the UK’s people are ripped off by the Establishment, as well as showing that Williamson was not kidding when he told the SKWAWKBOX that he was doing so to free him to campaign more freely on key issues:

Already outspoken as a front-bencher, Williamson’s freedom to talk even more frankly will not be welcomed by those who want to maintain the status quo by keeping uncomfortable truths from the public.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant, concise and to the point. Huge talent in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn.

  2. Well done to him. Hes only probably scratching the surface. Politicians are all puppets who are t the control and mercy of these high level clandestine organisations/elite clubs, who control all to further their own ambitions. They really do have unknown power but structure things to suit. Frighteningly unless the country does something about it, unlikely as those who have ability to exercise possible moves against this – are inside the swamp. He will only scratch the surface and indeed probably put himself at risk. What we want desperately id a few hundred – possibly vigilantes or better still professional ex special Services personnel. It will get so bad in next 10-20 years- unless it is stopped – they may even have to be given certain exemptions and protection to carry out a sort out and Clean up. Look at Russia today and some of the so called rumours of what happening. How many people get bumped off for getting to near. Lot of that in UK if we only knew!!who ask questions later having taken action to eliminate or neutralise the threats. Some people like , was it Roger or Robin Cook. He got in some near escapes if I recall but a few hundred like him we want. Politicians will never be any good for this country.

  3. I like Chris, he is relatively young and would make a good leader. We need to take back what is ours BY FORCE IF NECESSARYas they won’t let it go without a fight.


  4. Also, the final amounts government pay at the end of these PFI contracts is way more than if government had borrowed the funds to invest – as Chris has mentioned – because these private companies borrow at higher interest rates than government and they have to charge profit on their contracts. Usually, the amounts are amortized over a long period – up to 20-years on some contracts – which give the illusion that they are sustainable. The question that needs to be asked is: if government could afford these higher repayment amounts to PFI contracts, why did it consider outright borrowing unsustainable? The answer lies in the conservatives’ apparent ideology of their disdain for government debt – which is just a smoke-screen, rather, for siphoning money to their PFI contracts friends. The result is that taxpayers money is diverted to servicing these higher repayment amounts from some essential social services like the NHS. The amazing thing is that Blair/Brown governments swallowed this line-hook-and-sinker! And they complain when they are referred to as ‘Tory-lite’.

  5. Excellent! Yes we need the truth writ large across mast-heads, screens and billboards everywhere so that even the dumbest of the dumbos cannot fool themselves any longer and claim they ‘had no idea’!

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