May visits exclusive street in 70% Tory ward – ‘you’re lucky our kids aren’t here’

The SKWAWKBOX reported recently on the Tory social media mix-up in which the Conservatives Twitter account said that Theresa May had been out campaigning in Surrey – with an Australian ‘Labor’ MP.

That wasn’t the only mishap associated with the visit. To ensure that the PM would receive only a positive welcome, local MP Paul Scully chose a ‘super-exclusive’ street in a ward that voted 70% Tory – not really ‘out campaigning’ then – for her to visit.

It didn’t go well.

may sutton

Local newspaper the Sutton Guardian reported that, in spite of the street’s exclusivity, residents took her to task about school underfunding, with one parent complaining that his teacher daughter had to buy her supplies for school:

Mehendra Mehta told Mrs May that his daughter has had to use her own money to buy things for school.

Mr Mehta, who said he voted for the Conservatives in the last election … also said he wished his daughter, who teaches at Westbourne Primary School, had been there to raise the issue herself.

Retired carer Margaret Wright … joked that Mrs May had been “lucky her son was not around for the visit. He is so not a Conservative.”

A local resident commented on the article:

This, in the ward chosen by Scully as one she would get the warmest reception in our Constituency.

She went down about as well as a bowl of cold sick there.
Imagine how badly this visit would have gone had they ventured on to our High Street , or anywhere near the hospital their plans threaten to take from us.

Worrying signs for the Tories – especially in a week in which a Question Time audience in a Tory heartland took a minister to task with cries of ‘liar’ when she tried to deny that the government is running down the NHS on purpose in preparation for privatisation.

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    1. I imagine this means there will be a proliferation in the number of genuine news sites reporting fact so that despite attempts at censorship truth will prevail beyond State control and will be read/heard by a far wider audience than is current.

      Namaste 🙂


  1. Hey Skwarkbox, Namaste,

    ‘She went down about as well as a bowl of cold sick there.’ What a great headline that would have made on every UK newspaper.

    A heart-warming story on a gloomy Saturday in the U.K.

    Namaste 🙂


  2. How is it that this vile woman is still PM??? She’s as thick as two shorts planks and twice as wobbly – who is backing her????

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