So we received this email…

One of the consequences of the impact the SKWAWKBOX has had over the last 17 months or so is that commercial advertisers increasingly ask us to carry their messages. The email below is not untypical:

betting ad.png

We’ve stood openly in solidarity with anti-gambling campaigners, yet the advertising agency thought it appropriate to ask us to carry gambling ads when we don’t carry any kind of advertising. 

We won’t be taking up the offer to carry commercial ads about anything, let alone ‘quality brand advertisements’ for gambling companies. Getting the message out is what matters. We pay extra to the hosting company so our readers don’t even see their standard, automatic ads and our pages stay clean, clear and as easy to read as possible. We’ll continue to rely on our readers to show solidarity by supporting us.

But there’s another advertising-related story in preparation – one that we think our readers will find a lot more satisfactory. Watch this space.

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  1. Just one of the many reasons you have become a replacement for ‘The News’ . . .
    Keep up the great work Team Skwawkbox

  2. Good on ya guys. I’m not against people betting – it’s a human activity that has existed for all our history but I hate the way betting companies put temptation on the most deprived ppl. who will spend in the hope of winning. They pocket huge profits without any conscience about the harm they do

  3. I assume the request was from Paddy Power. A betting company who would sell their soul for advertising space.
    An utterly unethical business with zero moral compass.

  4. Well done Comrades. It’s always a shame if someone or something one admires gets caught up by the various commercial ‘lures’ of Capitalism! We see it all the time in, so called, ethical organisations and/or ethical people who, at a certain stage in their lives i.e. they gain popularity for instance, begin to convince themselves that they can take favours or money, and not become, eventually, become corrupted and unprincipled! A reasonably good example is, unfortunately, too many of those within the Labour movement reach a certain dizzy height in an organisation and b then begin to look, sound and behave like those who we’ve all been fighting against! A case in point of course are the many Blairites within the PLP who seem more intent on siding with the Tories than their own Party membership! So, good on you! Oh, I could have offered the Tories as an example of those who eventually become corrupted by the compromises they make just to hang on to power! But I feel by the mere fact of their complete adherence to the Capitalist way of doing things, especially since Thatcher, that they’re inherently corruptible and this lot of today haven’t got any principles just greed!

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