Breaking: Shawcroft replaces Black as NEC Disputes Panel Chair

Christine Shawcroft has replaced Ann Black as head of the ‘Disputes Panel‘ (DP) of Labour’s National Executive Committee, by a vote of 22 to 15.


The DP, of which every NEC member is a de facto panellist, plays a major role in the disciplinary processes of the Labour Party. Right-wing ‘centrist’ factions of the party have already begun complaining about the change in preparation for anticipated defeats in contentious disciplinary actions, while the ‘MSM’ will no doubt carry headlines about the outgoing Chair’s ‘ousting’ by the supposed ‘hard left’.

In fact, Ms Black was elected in 2016 as part of the grassroots-left ‘slate’ and had been Chair of the DP for some years, so the change is unremarkable except in that it will no doubt be used by Labour’s flailing right to scream ‘purge’ – which is ironic, given the numerous purges infliced by so-called ‘centrists’ ever since party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s first stood for the leadership.

Ms Shawcroft is highly regarded and will be representative of the party’s membership. Her election to chair the DP took place via the normal, democratic processes and in full accordance with Labour’s rules – but that is unlikely to be strongly reflected in centrist comments or mainstream media coverage.

Plus ça change…

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  1. Congratulations to Christine, this is a fantastic and well deserved appointment.

    We can expect membership to continue with its upward trend now that the person who was suspending members on spurious grounds has been removed.

    1. I think developing a disciplinary process thats fit for purpose and doesn’t only apply to corbynistas might require Mr McNicol to go

  2. Judging by the clear majority on the NEC, this would be the ideal time for the leadership to move against the person at the centre of the project to supress membership numbers, it is time to replace the General Secretary, Iain McNicol.

    I would strongly advise Mr Corbyn to invite Mr McNicol to his office and offer him a choice.

    Resign or be sacked.

    It is now or never Jeremy.

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