Tory govt lauded #Carillion deal as ‘key’ in ‘economic plan’


As the news continues to be dominated by the collapse of giant construction and outsourcing firm Carillion, more and more politicians and others are pointing out the serious flaws in a system that allocates huge amounts of public resources to private companies that can go bust with enormous job losses and cost to taxpayers.

This kind of profit-sucking privatisation is at the core of the Tory view of the UK economy and, embarrassingly, the Tories not too long ago lauded a government-supported lending deal with the very same Carillion as part of a ‘key’ to economic success.

In late 2014, when George Osborne was still Chancellor, he put out an elated tweet on the topic of a Carillion construction deal:


Unfortunately, he also specifically drew attention to the fact that a significant amount of government money had underwritten it:



The Tory ‘economic plan’ has always been a less than stable thing – the deadline for it to work and eliminate the national deficit and debt have moved constantly since 2010; every time it approached it was put back again.

But as the Carillion domino threatens to topple countless others as it falls, the Tories’ love for privatised outsourcing is looking as foolish and ill-advised as those on the left have always called it.

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  1. Labour must make every effort to capitalise on exposing the neoliberal privatisation racket that is showcased in this Carillion collapse.

    PFI also involved in the Carillion mess as well as private big banks and big name associated companies.

    All parasites on the public backed insurance/welfare scheme subsidizing private banks/hedge funds and private corporations to the tune of many, many billions.

    Follow: Joel Benjamin @Gian_TCatt as well as others.

  2. “Tory govt lauded #Carillion deal as ‘key’ in ‘economic plan’”

    Does this debacle throw some doubt on the rest of the Tory’s so called economic plan?

  3. Ha! wait until some good journalists dig out actually how many MP’s and Top people are involved in the web of the structure or rewards of this Company. Will make the mind boggle. Truth if/when it can be uncovered will make a schoolchild’s mind boggle. Construction has for too long had major improprieties under the woodwork. They could build a new jail purely for those who need to be in there!
    Keep watching – just a few good investigative journalists who are not frightened to uncover what is very sinister goings on.

    1. If our ‘trusted’ public service providers and MSM did actually do some deep, wide ranging, unbiased, investigative journalism and connected some dots in the public interest, this Carillion scandal could and should bring down this government.

      I live in hope but expect a circling of the wagons.

      It’s beginning to look like this government is deliberately crashing not just NHS England but the whole UK. Tories have been in government for how long?

    2. You probably won’t find them in the MSM, though.

      Time for Channel 4 News and The Guardian (don’t laugh!) to step up to the Proper Journalism plate…

  4. Shifting the blame for the Carillion failure has already started, John Pienaar, BBC correspondent, stated today that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown introduced Carillion to public sector contracts. It might be a valid story but for Pienaar’s ongoing bias towards any Tory cause. Is he one of their shrinking membership?

    1. Don’t know about JP for sure, but apparently his daughter is a Tory campaigner

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