#FBPE/#FBPEU – the hijacked hashtags and the pro-JC one you need to follow

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The #FBPEU and #FBPE hashtags have caused a lot of conversation and in some cases consternation on social media – they are used interchangeably by many for ‘follow-back pro-EU’.

There are disputes about the exact origins, with some claiming they started as an attempt to bring together supporters of attempts to remain in the EU, while others believe they were intended from the beginning to ‘divide and conquer’ supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


But whatever their beginnings, the hashtags have been taken over by those who want to use the issue of Brexit to try to undermine Corbyn – a co-operation among centrists and in some cases Tory bots and sockpuppets in a desperate attempt to negate Labour’s success in last year’s General Election.

While many remain supporters who are solidly behind Corbyn have started using the hashtag, a cursory Twitter search will reveal – apart from of arguments about whether it should be FBPE or FBPEU – any number of anti-Corbyn tweets as centrists and Tories try to hang the blame for the ‘hard Brexit’ they predict on the Labour leader.

It seems clear that the plan of those trying to use the hashtags in this way is either to peel away ‘remain’ support from Labour, or to force Corbyn into taking a stance against Brexit – a disaster last year for the LibDems – in order to undermine his support among those who want to leave.

This suits the Labour right, who would happily lose the next election if they can retake control of the party – and the Tories who are desperately hanging on in the hope of outlasting him.

The tactic ignores both the discredited nature of the claim and the fact that Corbyn’s intelligent handling of a difficult situation, ever since the parliamentary debates around the Article 50 notification early last year, has played a huge role in pushing the Tories into the abject chaos we’re now seeing.

It also ignores the fact that Brexit is now essentially being used by the Establishment as a distraction from the far more immediate issues of the collapsing NHS, the poor, the homeless and the Tories’ continued attacks on them.

While some people don’t recognise the tactic, others get it:

In the EU or out of the EU, Tory government is the biggest disaster for this country – and a Labour government is the only antidote – so it’s essential that we don’t fall for the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic.

To that end, a new hashtag is now building: #PCPEU – ‘pro-Corbyn, pro-EU’.

The hashtag is for those who want to express their support for the EU, or even their hope that somehow Brexit will be prevented, but who know that the best hope for saving the substance of this country that makes it a place worth living in – the NHS, our fraying social safety-nets, our humanity toward one another – is to get even more solidly behind Labour and its leader.

Those who want nothing to do with the dishonest attempts to smear Corbyn for problems for which responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the Tories – and who recognise that the morally-bankrupt Labour right is prepared to harm Labour and the people of this country in their attempts to regain control of the country.

If a pro-EU hashtag is your thing, make it #PCPEU. And if you’re a ‘leaver’ who wants to live in a decent, fair, humane country after Brexit, make sure you stay firmly behind Corbyn.

Anything else hands an advantage to the Tories – and whether we remain or leave, continued Tory government is the real biggest danger to our country.

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  1. Good article SB without being condescending to whether you voted remain or leave

  2. I reckon if you support Corbyn and want him to be our next prime minister soon, you leave policy on Brexit to him. He’s done a great job so far and attempts to overturn the referendum result are being orchestrated by the very people who want to see the back of JC and for that very reason – I scarcely need to mention names.

  3. JC is frustrating Labour supporters with his persistent exit stance. He won a lot of votes because many looked to him to reverse Brexit. 66% of labour voters were for remain, strong Labour support on Twitter, TUC concerned for workers rights. He needs to listen

    1. First of all Corbyn has never mentioned hard brexit,
      Secondly how do you know what Labour voters voted in the referendum when it was y/n on the ballot.
      Nobody has asked me which way I voted.
      The abuse of stats to suit a agenda that’s what’s happening since the referendum.

      1. I and I think you will find people voted for the manifesto not to reverse brexit

    2. I agree Carol, we’re going to be surprised when we lose the next election, I know a lot of my colleagues who are losing interest because of the EU positioning (or lack of!).

      Jeremy needs to put the country before politics, serving one term and getting voted out in the aftermath of Brexit chaos isn’t good enough. I want a country where my children have opportunities!

    3. Carol Fraser, what party did you vote for?
      Which way did you vote regarding Brexit?
      Either way, you’re way off the mark, making a statement about JC with his stand on Brexit!
      You write as if he was the PM not May!
      She’s the one, your remarks should be directed at!
      JC, is the best thing that has ever happened to the SOCIALIST left LABOUR PARTY!
      Least you forget, we want change from, “there all the same brigade”!
      Now we are on the crux of change, people like yourself, don’t have a clue!

    4. There you go folks , I think Carol Fraser and Alice H ( possibly Tory bots or laughably ” moderate centerists ” ) have very nicely illustrated the VERY POINT of what SBox was making.
      You two people need to stop and think ” Do I support a Labour Govt for election ” OR “do I want another Tory Govt ” ?
      Get Behind JC stop undermining Labours chances of Govt ( unless of course that’s exactly what you want to happen ?) ,,,,,, there are MANY MORE pressing issues ( see Lab manifesto ) that need attention and sorting than just blasted Brexit .
      SO as per the question posed by bbbarabas who did you two vote for and more importantly are you going to vote for JC labour Govt ?

      1. Tory Bot? Crikey 🙂

        If I reinforce your views then so be it. I vote on what’s best for my family and, increasingly, my children. I don’t owe anyone my vote.

        JC has a lot of good plans but with his current Brexit position I won’t vote for him again. He needs to take a principled stand.

        I’d love to support him but it’s a two way street. I’m still hoping though.

      2. in that case Alice H you’re screwed and so are your kids because by not voting labour you helping to ensure a Tory Victory good luck to you and your kids cuz my god you’re going to need it

  4. Nice one Steve. I’ve noticed pro EU groups on FB seem to be more about attacking Corbyn than anything else.

    1. It all part of the Tory plan to make Corbyn responsible and to take the blame for Brexit. Lets all remember ONE SIMPLE THING ,,,,, The TORIES created Brexit , they own it , are to blame for it and are responsible for ALL the destruction it is causing to our Country because of it .
      Every single time some fuckwit tries to blame Corbyn or Labour for it , remind them just who and why they called the referendum and it sure as hell wasn’t Labour or Corbyn .

  5. The country being divided down the middle made keeping Labour’s powder dry the intelligent course and JC’s handled it well.

    Regarding the true intent of #FBPE and Mike Galsworthy…

    Any attempted U-turn BY THE TORIES would make them and the UK the laughing stock of the world and MAY EVEN BE REJECTED BY THE EU – for the very good reason that the Tories could never be trusted not to do the same damn thing again if they let us remain.
    The 27 might even feel entitled and aggrieved enough to thwart the UK’s international trade negotiations at every opportunity.

    For those reasons the anti-Corbyn stance of those who call themselves #FBPE pro-EU “centrists” makes no sense whatever IN TERMS OF THEIR STATED OBJECTIVE.
    Only Labour led by Corbyn would have the credibility to win the trust of the EU if remaining were the choice of the people at that time.

    I’ve made this point to Prof. Galsworthy on Twitter.
    No reply from him or any of his acolytes.
    No surprise – they’re just a slightly different flavour of piss-weak ToryLite shandy.

  6. This is an extremely serious issue for Labour. There is NO ONE in the Labour Party who respects and supports Jeremy Corbyn more than I do. My support for him has lasted for as long as he has been in Parliament and has never wavered.

    If we insist that the Labour Party is a member led Party and if the polls of members are correct and up to 80% now support remain, with a high proportion wanting another referendum, Jeremy has to listen. Even in the general public, the balance is shifting to remain, assisted by a change in the demographic.

    We cannot allow those on the right of the Party to own the remain case otherwise they will use it, as some of them are doing, to undermine Jeremy. Now that the consequences of the Tory right wing fanatics’ obsession with leaving the EU are becoming clearer, there is a perfectly valid democratic case for offering the electorate another chance to express their opinion via a second vote.

    If we do not listen and take account of the changes since the referendum we risk alienating younger voters and throwing away the opportunity to form the next Government.

    1. Jack, you mentioned Labours polling, it was a sample of 4000 I believe. It didn’t mention who what where to brake it down. People could have said they had voted leave and changed their mind, to suit their agenda. Just remember the pollsters where claiming a remain victory by a big margin before their the referendum.
      Like I said before, polling is being used deliberately to cause division by those who don’t like Corbyn.

      1. I am well aware of how pollsters can use polls to swing results but let’s talk about facts:
        Labour’s official position was to remain in the EU and this attracted supporters.
        Most Labour voters voted to remain.
        The demographic is changing to support remain.
        67% of the electorate did not vote to leave.
        It is not only those on the right of the Party who want us to campaign for remain, many on the left like myself also want to remain.
        Nigel Farrage has suggested another referendum.

    2. You mention Labours position was to remain in the referendum, yes.
      But it wasn’t Labours position in the election.
      Like I said certain people are using a small sample poll gain support, trying too cause deliberate division.

      1. Labour’s position in the election was to go with the ‘decision of the people’. What if the people have changed their mind?

      2. Thank you jack you just made me chuckle.
        You totally ignore everything I have said to carry on with the what if people have changed their mind.

      3. Jack, if you read everything I have wrote, you will see I have answered.
        The simple conclusion is, I totally disagree with you. Something you obviously don’t like.

      4. ‘Masmit’ You haven’t answered because to do so would destroy your argument.

        You seem to be under the misapprehension that there is such a thing as a “good Brexit”. Whether it is a Tory Brexit or a Jeremy Corbyn Brexit it cannot be as good a situation as we have now.

        Any type of Brexit will be a disaster for the UK putting many people out of work. If you continue to adopt the UKIP and extreme right stance, it shows how little you understand about the consequences of Brexit and the motives of those behind it.

      5. And there you go hysterical because I don’t agree with your view.
        You mention Ukip and extreme brexit, I have never voted for or supported UKIP.
        I have never advocated extreme hard or whatever you want too call brexit it in your rant.
        I except the democratic result, I believe the Tories own it and it’s the Tories doing the negotiations.
        I support a Corbyn led Labour and I except and trust his judgement on Brexit.
        Your response is nothing short of a child not getting his own way and throwing a tantrum. I can tell you now it didn’t work with my kids and it won’t work for remainers.

      6. Masmit, please, no more ‘I agree with Corbyn’ I get it, you’re a Brexiter along with Farage, UKIPers and the extreme right.

        Your pitiable reference to your kids doesn’t cut it as an answer.

        You’re done.

  7. if you all think twitter is the answer to revolution you are mistaken
    if you think labour is the answer you are mistaken
    if you think any vote in britain has any meaning you are mistaken
    the establishment always win
    nothing has changed

    1. Oh dear, given up trying already? The class struggle is never ending… any gains must be vigorously protected or they are lost or weakened as we have seen since Thatcher.

  8. I would like to point out to comments about people only voted labour for Corbyn to reverse brexit, to which he never offered.
    UKIP voters came back to Labour why because it wasn’t the point above, and he didn’t advocate hard brexit.
    What’s never mentioned is how many voters, voted Tory believing the spiel about were the only party to go through with brexit. They certainly will not have the same voting view come the next election.
    So in my view the remain faction are just trying to cause division.

  9. Important points made Skwawkbox.

    Now we have Farage calling for a second EU referendum… it is clear Brexit is being used to cause animosity and distract from Tory agenda and especially NHS privatisation. Yes, also as a way to push back against Corbyn and the manifesto and cause strife in the labour party… people must remain focused on challenging and exposing this Tory regime to end the suffering and chaos they are causing.

    Farage and Blair now appear to have roles as useful neoliberal/neocon project assets in the public space.

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