Video: McCluskey’s New Year message – big vision and a shot across Coyne’s bow

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey has issued his New Year message to Unite members and others.

In it, he lays out the reasons why strong unions are so important, the vital role Unite and other unions are essential to achieving a healthy post-Brexit UK and challenges his members to recruit their colleagues, family and friends to join a union to strengthen the ordinary people of this country:

McCluskey also fires a shot across the bow of his erstwhile and would-be challenger for the Unite leadership.

Gerard Coyne, who lost the General Secretary election in spite of a low campaign of smears and admitted use of Labour Party data to which he was not entitled under the Data Protection Act (DPA), is attempting a legal challenge to the result, accusing McCluskey of the same kind of abuse of data to which he himself admitted live on national radio.

McCluskey assures members – and warns Coyne – of his absolute confidence that the union has acted correctly and will be found to have done so and that the ‘manufactured row’ will not distract McCluskey or Unite from their mission.

McCluskey is absolutely right that strong unions are vital to the wellbeing of our people and our society. So if you’re not a union member, find the right one and join – and get your colleagues, friends and family to do so as well.

And share this video so others do the same.

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  1. He’s wrong about the unions role post Brexit. Workers rights will be up the swanny, completely non existent. Rees Mogg stated they be on a par with workers in India. Welcome to the sweatshop

  2. McCluskie will finish off any workers rights in UK as even now Unions ( certain power mad people) are flat out intentional in trying the future of UK and they would like to see Communism back. What then. Workers better life style and equal pay and all that- crap. Yes equal pay- squat all while the rich get richer. You will have to queue for your ration of bread. High wages will disappear when all are so called equal. Look at the current situation of the Railways- ruining – not just the Union members but 000’s of others as well ( often union members) because – THEY WANT TO DICTATE. Remember Scargill – he alone bankrupted many honest hard working families who were not allowed to work and he ended up keeping the house the \union paid for. No any in their right minds would avoid Unions like the plague- there are other more modern ways. Not these antiquated ways.

      1. So any viewpoint that doesn’t accord with your “worldview” must be bizarre?

    1. What History Books do you read Vivian Williams?
      Or are you a FAR RIGHT FASCIST?
      You’ll be telling us next “what did the ROMANS do for us”?
      How much do you remember about the miners strike?
      Or did you vote for “THATCHER”?
      Pray tell us, the uneducated, the modern way?
      It would seem you might know it all?
      Don’t be shy, tell us your “secret”?

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