Verhofstadt expertly trolls Farage and blue-passport fringe

Nigel Farage and the hard-Brexit fringe have been trumpeting Theresa May’s meaningless pledge to return to a blue UK passport – meaningless because Britain could have had a blue passport any time it wanted.

As senior MEP and former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt pointed out on Twitter:


Croatia, for example, still has blue passports.

But Verhofstadt wasn’t finished. After his first, fairly serious tweet on the subject, he decided to have a little fun with Farage and his ilk by taking the wind out of their sails with a bit of perfectly-pitched trolling:


Others were a little more brutal as they piled on the mockery to illuminate the point further. The ‘Another Angry Voice‘ blog lived up to its name:

aav pp.png

But Verhofstadt’s elegant put-down wins the prize for combining humour with a merciless exposure of the fallacies and misplaced priorities of the hard-Brexit fringe.

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    1. Somehow doubt many working-class British people are the ones crowing about blue passports…

  1. he is not sneering, simply shopwing alovely sense of sarcasm irony. i like his put down of Faaaarage. It shows class in my view.

  2. labrebisgalloise what a truly nasty individual you are. A Farage thug no doubt

  3. Watch out for MSM guys. Jon Danzig Reason2Remain I believe has just been attacked on FB as have I. I’m sure you are aware of Jon, intent to shut him up for a bit as he is quite vociferous in condemning MSM especially the Mail.

  4. I always felt that it was well established that Froggy Farage was a con merchant and a bombastic blowhard! So, the trumpeting about the colour of passports merely shows what contempt he holds the UK public in! Unfortunately, not only did some of them fall for all his racist nonsense concerning the EU but they’re still falling for his bollocks about passports! Wise up people! Mind you, the MSM does little to help by the fact of actually giving him so much air time which makes it seem as though he’s credible! Which, of course he’s not!

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